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  • Kansas Bicycling Maps – Request printed bicycling maps for Kansas and neighboring states, showing highway traffic counts, shoulder width information, and the locations of bicycle trails.
  • Camping in Kansas Roadside Parks – As an amenity to travelers, Kansas offers a network of roadside parks on many of the major and minor highways in the state. Often, these can be fine places to camp overnight while bicycle touring.
  • Kansas Roadside Parks List 1964 – This list of Kansas Roadside Parks was published in 1964. Sadly, many of these roadside parks have been closed, abandoned, or otherwise lost to time.
  • Cycling Across North America – The essential guide for anyone who wants to cross the American continent on a bicycle. Describes a route that's both manageable to ride and historically and scenically interesting.
  • Bicycling the Lewis & Clark Trail – The cyclist's indispensable handbook to the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition. It guides the modern adventurer through the spectacular country first recorded by Lewis and Clark.

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Garnett Crystal Lake Tent Camping - Designated wilderness (tent) camping area at Garnett's Crystal Lake. Garnett Crystal Lake Kiosk - Information kiosk and self-pay station at Garnett's Crystal Lake camping area. Mission Lake - Rates - This sign lists the rates for Mission Lake in Horton, Kansas. Camping is $6 per day. Mission Lake - Restrooms - This is a typical restroom at Mission Lake in Horton, Kansas. Pit toilets. Mission Lake - Entrance Sign - This is the entrance sign for Mission Lake in Horton, Kansas. The entrance to the lake is located off Wilson Drive on the northeast edge of Horton, off US-73 highway.
Old Military Trail Campground - Water - There is a water hydrant at the Old Military Trail Campground at Perry Lake. Instructions say to run the water for a few minutes before drinking. Old Military Trail Campground - Shelter - This is the shelter at the Old Military Trail Campground at Perry Lake. It includes picnic tables, a grill, and fire ring. There is grass nearby, and along the access road, for tenting. Old Military Trail Campground - Entrance Sign - This is the entrance sign for the Old Military Trail Campground at Perry Lake. Adjacent to the sign, out of frame, is the old park road, with a gate to keep motor vehicles out. Just walk your bike around the gate, then up the hill to the camping area. Valley Falls Riverside Park - Sign - This is the entrance sign for Valley Falls Riverside Park, with pricing information. Valley Falls Riverside Park - Pads - These are the RV pads, with water and electric hookups, at Valley Falls Riverside Park. There is ample tent camping area behind the RV pads.

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