2014 National Bike Challenge: August Results

National Bike Challenge 2014August was a good month for Kansans in the National Bike Challenge:

For the month of August, Kansas ranked #8 in the nation, adding 42 riders, and covering 74,001 miles. For the entire challenge period to date, Kansas ranks #9, with 594 riders covering 312,359 miles.

The top communities in the state, thru August, are:

  1. Dorrance: #29 in the nation, 4 riders (301 citizens), 708 miles, 9728.97 points/1000 residents
  2. Claflin: #46 in the nation, 4 riders (1119 citizens), 3466 miles, 4983.98 points/1000 residents
  3. Iola: #61 in the nation, 59 riders (7974 citizens), 18242 miles, 4983.98 points/1000 residents
  4. Hoyt: #77 in the nation, 1 rider (2063 citizens), 6888 miles, 4521.45 points/1000 residents
  5. Humboldt: #90 in the nation, 17 riders (2750 citizens), 6073 miles, 3881.23 points/1000 residents

Here is the entire top ten cities list in Kansas, through the end of August:

NBC 2014-08 Top Kansas Cities

The top local challenges in the state, thru July, are:

  1. Thrive Allen County (Allen County): #3 in the nation, 79 riders (13,295 citizens), 25997 miles, 4023.88 points/1000 residents
  2. Kaw Valley Bicycle Club (Shawnee County): #16 in the nation, 84 riders (191,842 citizens), 91432 miles, 802.60 points/1000 residents
  3. Bike Walk Wichita (Sedgewick County): #27 in the nation, 173 riders (601,992 citizens), 83784 miles, 280.81 points/1000 residents

Nationally, Topeka’s Eric Nordgren remains the #1 individual rider in the nation, Marion’s Roger Frans is at #4, and Hoyt’s Paul White at #23. The Kansas Krank Addicts are still the #1 team in the nation (up to 10 riders). And Allen County is the #3 “local challenge” in the nation.

If you’ve not yet signed up for the National Bike Challenge, it’s not too late. The Challenge runs through the end of September, so there’s still time to participate. Just go to NationalBikeChallenge.org, create an account, and start logging your miles. Learn more here.

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