Fat Man Biking

Fat Man Biking

Fat Man Biking is a personal blog by a cyclist in Lawrence, Kansas. Doug is riding his bike, working his way back into shape, and dropping the pounds!

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Getting old sucks 05-18-2015
Well, duh. Nobody except a teenager really wants to get older. A few years ago I turned 40; last year turned 50; yesterday I turned 60. Well, that’s what it feels like, anyway. The truth is that I’ll be 61 in about two months. There for a while I was in a running […]
Waiting 10-24-2013
I’ve been out to run maybe five or six times total since my injury a month and a half ago–at first I ran just a mile, and the last few times I’ve run up to a mile and a half. I truly thought that I was seeing some improvement in my ITBS, but after my most […]
Injury 10-03-2013
My doctor told me that I messed up…and he was absolutely right. (If you read my previous post, you’ll see that the handwriting was on the wall, so to speak.) The last day of August I completed a 7-mile run in preparation for the half-marathon my lovely wife and […]
Still at it… 08-30-2013
One of the weirdest things about my life right now is that I am a runner. As of yesterday, I have run a little over 53 miles this month, and if my long run goes as planned tomorrow, I will have logged 60 running miles this month. A year ago I might have logged 60 miles on […]
More details on my progress 04-11-2013
When I re-started this journey on May 3, 2012, I weighed 296 pounds. At the time, I had pretty much chronic back pain, difficulty sleeping, bad knees, and almost constant heartburn from my bad eating habits. My exercise regimen (if one could call it that) was an occasional […]
Still on track 04-09-2013
Just a quick update, since it’s been a while: I’m continuing to lose weight, albeit a bit more slowly than before–I’ve backed off on the aggressiveness of my LoseIt plan, which is recommended once you get this close to your target weight (and I’m […]
Back on track (so to speak) 11-19-2012
I just got back from a workout at the track at the middle school a couple of blocks from my house. I ran 2.5 miles this morning, in anticipation of a 5K race that I will be running with my family on Thanksgiving Day, just three days from now. If you’ve read this blog […]
Mid-winter update 02-07-2009
Photo by Playingwithbrushes There’s been a break in the cold here in northeast Kansas, but I haven’t had time to get out on the bike yet.  That might change this afternoon–my wife has asked me to get her bike out and air up the tires today, because we’re […]
Merry Christmas, everyone 12-19-2008
Another “before & after” 11-25-2008
My lovely wife and I went on a ride in early October, and before we left, she snapped a photo of me that was similar to a photo she took back in May.  On days when I’m feeling discouraged, these pictures really help. The shot on the left is from May 19, 2008; the […]

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