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Kansas Bicycle CampingFor a state with as little public land as Kansas has (less than 1%, the least in the nation), there are a surprising quantity of places for bicycle travelers to camp overnight, for little or no cost.

Most of these are either at public lakes – city lakes, county lakes, state fishing lakes, reservoirs – or at state parks or public campgrounds administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (which manages most of the large reservoirs in the state). In addition, there are quite a few privately-owned commercial campgrounds, though most of these are focused on RV or car camping. And many small towns even provide free camping in city parks for bicyclists!

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Bicycle Camping Informational Articles

  • Camping in Kansas Roadside Parks – As an amenity to travelers, Kansas offers a network of roadside parks on many of the major and minor highways in the state. Often, these can be fine places to camp overnight while bicycle touring.
  • Dealing With Kansas Weather When Bicycle Camping – Although Kansas has a temperate climate, with four true and distinct seasons, it still has its share of extreme weather, which can make camping a challenge.
  • Dispersed Camping in Kansas – Dispersed camping is the term used for primitive camping outside a designated campground. It is a great way to get closer to nature than you feel in an established campground.
  • Free Bicycle Camping Options in Kansas – This article discusses the options you have for finding free places to camp in the state of Kansas, including city parks, wildlife areas, fishing lakes, and stealth camping. From Kansas Cyclist, the web's premier Kansas cycling information site.
  • Free City Park Camping in Kansas – Kansas is well-known among touring cyclists for offering free camping in most city parks. This article discusses some techniques and tips for finding free city park camping in your travels.
  • Kansas Roadside Parks List 1964 – This list of Kansas Roadside Parks was published in 1964. Sadly, many of these roadside parks have been closed, abandoned, or otherwise lost to time.
  • Special Challenges For Bicycle Camping In Kansas – While camping in Kansas is usually pleasant, safe, and easy, there are certain challenging aspects you need to be aware of, some of them unique to the state.
  • Stealth Camping in Kansas – Stealth camping is sleeping in a location that is not a designated campsite. There are a number of reasons that you may want to, or need to, stealth camp.

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