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Ralph's Ozark Bike Blog

Ralph Rognstad, Jr. is an urban planner from Springfield, Missouri who writes about bicycling in Springfield and the Missouri Ozarks.

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Central Iowa 400K 07-19-2013
Dan Pfaff and I hit the road again Friday afternoon, July 12, for the last round of Central Iowa brevets in Ames. There were 20 riders for the 06:00 start Saturday morning: eight for the 600K; three, including Dan and me, for the 400K; two for the 300K; and seven for the […]
Central Iowa 200K 06-11-2013
I have not been riding much this year, so I have not been posting. I had only ridden three 123K permanents in 2013 until Saturday when Dan Pfaff and I rode the Central Iowa 200K brevet. The brevet started at 06:00 in Ames. There was a 400K starting at the same time. There […]
Keeping the P-12 Alive 11-19-2012
I have not ridden much since the Last Chance. My Achilles tendon has not been hurting, but there is still some tingling and loss of strength in my hands. The doctor diagnosed a mild case of carpel tunnel, so I am wearing wrist braces at night and minimizing my computer use. […]
Last Chance 1000Km Brevet 09-19-2012
I had planned to take it easy in 2012: ride the Super Randonneur SR series and a couple permanent populaires a month to end up with 3,000Km. Dan Pfaff and I finished the SR series in May, but then in July, Dan started talking seriously about riding the Last Chance 1000Km […]
20,000 Miles 09-01-2012
Finished the 20,000 mile overhaul on the Rivendell Romulus I bought new in 2004. Just waiting on the front wheel to return from New Hampshire where Peter White is rebuilding the generator hub. Bike should be good for another 80,000 miles or so. Hope I am too. Steel is real. […]
The Remarkable Tale of the 3-Legged Dog 09-01-2012
Saturday, Dan Pfaff and I rode the Bolton's 115K permanent. At the Fair Grove Kum & Go, we met an eastbound TransAmerica Bicycle Trail rider. He had ridden the Western Express Bicycle Trail from San Francisco and connected with the TransAmerica in Pueblo, CO. […]
Tour of Northeastern Kansas 600K Brevet 05-16-2012
The Kansas City Region 600K was held this past weekend in Kansas City, KS, and Dan Pfaff and I drove up Friday evening to ride it. We had attempted to ride it two years ago and were wiped out by a fierce headwind.  600K RouteThe ride started at 06:00 from the American […]
200, 300, 400Km 05-06-2012
Been riding and have not had much time to keep the blog updated. Dan Pfaff and I pre-rode the Southwest Missouri 200Km on March 18, my birthday. It was a nice day to ride, except that we had a south head wind on the return that slowed us up. We finished in just under 11 […]
555 Km 01-29-2012
Dan Pfaff, Joe Kratovil and I rode the Marshfield Mash 112K today. Joe is from New Jersey and is visiting his mom in Mountain Home, AR. It was a clear day with a 10-15 mph wind out of the southwest to west, so we had a little push on the way out. The temperature was about […]
Another Windy Day in Southwest Missouri 01-22-2012
Dan and I hit the road at 8:00 this morning to ride the Hound Dog 123K to Aurora and back. It was chilly (34 degrees) with a strong SSE wind (25+ mph). It was a little slow going out, particularly since we stopped in Billings to use the restroom. The sun came out while we […]

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