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Founded in 1979, the Bartlesville Pedalers Bicycle Club is a group of bicyclists of all ages and levels of interest who share a love of bicycling, from a short pedal around the neighborhood to "Centuries" (100 mile tours), from BMX to mountain biking to racing. Club members get together for regularly-scheduled rides throughout the year, as well as participate in numerous regional bicycling events, including the annual ride across the state, OK FreeWheel.

The club's aim is to support the bicycling lifestyle, whatever that entails for each member. The club welcome anyone who shares an interest in any aspect of bicycling, and are ready to help you achieve your bicycling goals.

Air up your tires, grab your helmet, and come out to one of their many scheduled rides. You'll see what this hobby is all about.

Web Site: bartlesvillepedalers.com
Location: Bartlesville, OK [map]

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