St. Louis Bike Polo

St. Louis Bike Polo

Play bicycle polo in St. Louis, Missouri.

We play bike polo every Sunday. Anyone is welcome to come out and get in on a game. We meet 2:00 pm Sunday at Lindenwood Park. You don't need anything to try it out, we've got bikes and mallets you can borrow.

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Location: St. Louis, MO [map]

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Banana Squirt Gun!! 04-26-2015
Love the Lock-in 01-20-2014
My photos are up on the Lock-in blog.-Lee
Piñata pArTy! 01-16-2014
Piñata pArTy! Tonight! @Brians. 7:30/8ish-? If you are attending, please bring or be prepared to get supplies such as tape (packing or duct), cardboard, poster board, markers, razors, tissue paper, large stapler/staple gun. Don't bring the stuff you want to put […]
New Year, New post. 01-01-2014
Lets play Polo!
Dave's still here man...but won't be for long. 11-27-2013
Come play polo with one of the hardest partiers every (if you don't believe me ask Andrew WK.) Dave is moving to Idaho to start the St. Louis Bike Polo Club, Boise Chapter and fulfill his life long dream of finding out where french fries come from.

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