Topeka Triathletes

Topeka Triathletes

Topeka Triathletes (T2), is the first and only USA Triathlon registered club in Topeka, Kansas. As part of an active and healthy lifestyle, the mission of T2 is to promote the physical and psychological benefits of engaging in multi-sport activities, including swimming, cycling and running. T2 welcomes novices to the sport, as well as experienced duathletes and triathletes.

Topeka Triathletes provides an organized forum for training, knowledge sharing, and competing in triathlons and other endurance sports for athletes in the Northeast Kansas area. It also provides members the opportunity to meet socially, to have fun, and to discuss ideas related to multi-sport, various multi-sport events, training methods, equipment selection, race planning and other information.

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Location: Topeka, KS

Last Update: April 27th, 2013