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Wichita Hardcourt Bike Polo

Play bicycle polo in Wichita, Kansas. Interested in playing hard-court bike polo? Wichita Hardcourt Bike Polo has enough equipment to run a couple games concurrently. They suggest finding a cheap mountain bike and ripping the derailleur off. Your bike or yourself might get broken!

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Polo is Mondays now! 09-13-2010
Same time same place 8pm Rewound Sounds 810 w douglas
8mm polo 06-11-2010
Yo 05-03-2010
Well we've been playing regularly for a couple months now which has been great aside from an injury or two. Again, 8pm Wednesday nights at Rewound Sounds 815 W. Douglas - if you're from out of town or want more information find me "brian ast" on facebook […]
Wednesday Nights! 03-05-2010
Alright, going forward, pick-up games Wednesday nights at Rewound Sound 815 W. Douglas 8pm. Bring a bike. Think about bringing a helmet and gloves. Polo is more enjoyable (and skillful) without crashes - but it happens. Practice your low speed bike handling and situational […]
2010! 02-28-2010
Hello, spring is coming! Let's make this the year that Wichita bike polo actually becomes something that happens regularly. Let's coordinate and figure out the best time for everyone to get together. We're meeting at Rewound Sounds 815 W. Douglas 8p Thursday […]
Friday the 25th Polo 2pm @ tennis courts S of Douglas/Meridian 09-24-2009
Then critical mass... if we're not at the tennis courts, we may be at the parking lot on the douglas roundabount by the vagabond...
Tonight 08-22-2009
There's a house show at 129 N. Meridian feat. a lot of good bands... and there's a gigantic parking lot several hundred feet away... so come play, gathering around 7.
Playin tonight 08-01-2009
Bike polo/Kirbys goth night collabo goin' down tonight! text me at 371-8780 for info
Contact info 07-07-2009
Post your contact info and when your available to play in the comments on this post! There is a "wichita bike polo" group on facebook - that's the preferred way to keep in touch - but if you don't use facebook I'll make an email group as well. Also, […]
Rules 07-04-2009
via nycbikepolo.com-Two teams of three players.-Any type of bicycle is allowed. Handlebars must be plugged.-Mallets must resemble a croquet mallet with a wide side and a round end. Modified ski poles and plastic pipe are the most common materials. The handle end of the mallet […]

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