Kansas Towns That Prohibit Camping

Bicycle Campers Not Welcome

Though many communities in Kansas allow, and even encourage, camping in their city parks, a few unenlightened towns actively prohibit the practice.

Avoid the following Kansas communities if you're looking for a place to camp in a city park:

Note: Many of these have wording to the effect that "Overnight camping is hereby prohibited in city
parks except where posted." So it's possible that these cities may allow limited camping in certain locations or circumstances. Check with the city to make sure...

Also, some towns don't explicitly prohibit camping at their parks, but they set a curfew, or limit park hours, which, in effect, prohibits camping. Sneaky!

And, of course, this list should not be seen as comprehensive – there are likely additional Kansas towns that prohibit bicyclists from camping in their city parks. Again, if in doubt, ask.

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By Randy Rasa, editor/webmaster at Kansas Cyclist.

Last Update: December 28th, 2019