Newton West Park

Newton West Park

The city of Newton, Kansas operates West Park, located 10 miles west of Newton on Highway 50, then 4 miles north on County Road 801, then 3.5 miles west on County Road 564. It is located along the Little Arkansas River, and encompasses about 310 acres.

The park provides two types of tent camping:

  • Rough Camping: Camping which takes place in any area other than those which have electrical services. Rough Camping may not take place within 100 yards of a shelter or permanent structure unless prior arrangements have been made with the Park Ranger. Rough Camping is permitted in designated areas only. Cost is $8 per night.
  • Electrified Camping: Any camping that takes place within areas which have electrical services. All units within an electrical camping area must pay the electrical rate whether they are hooked up to electricity or not. Cost is $14 per night.

Open shelters may also be used for camping, if reserved for two days, and the appropriate fees ($35/day) paid in addition to the camping fees.

The city of Newton also provides tent camping facilities at Camp Hawk and East Park.

Contact: 316-835-3189. Brochure

Web Site: harveycounty.com
Location: Newton, KS

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