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Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska

Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN) is a community service project of the Rotary Club of Omaha Northwest, with the assistance of the Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club. Since 1980, this week-long tour provides an up-close and personal journey through the unheralded beauty and charm of Nebraska. This is a tour designed by bicyclists for bicyclists.

BRAN is an opportunity to bring people from rural and urban Nebraska together for a common cause. City folks and country folks too often don't get a chance to interact with each other. BRAN brings both of these groups together to explore all they have in common. BRAN riders often remark about the beauty of Nebraska - both its countryside and its people.

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06-04-2017Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska - This week-long cross-state tour provides an up-close and personal journey through the unheralded beauty and charm of Nebraska.

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“5 Nations 5 States” Rider’s Guide, Information Letter and Host Town Contacts Update 05-21-2017
Rider’s Guide BRAN 37 Information Letter Revised  BRAN 37 Host Town Contacts Updated 5.30.17 NOTE: Falls City Camping Location is at the Falls City Auditorium and Park (located just off of the town square)
Partners With BRAN 02-22-2017
Each of our partners plays a role in bringing BRAN to you every year. The Omaha Northwest Rotary Club began this project, but BRAN has since become it’s own entity.  NW Rotary continues to provide the leadership and distribution of the scholarships, […]
2017 BRAN-REGISTER NOW 02-22-2017
5 NATIONS/5 STATES TOUR 02-15-2017
This year’s tour is different from any we have ever done.  New and exciting, we are going coast-to-coast, but South to North.  We will be following the Missouri River with a pre-ride on Saturday, June 3rd which will take you into Missouri and/or Kansas, letting you […]
2017 – Maps 09-20-2016
Our theme is "5 Nations 5 States" and we will be celebrating the native American culture on this years’ ride.  The five indian nations are Fox, Sac, Iowa, Winnebago and Omaha.  The riders will get to pick from different route options on 3 days (See links […]
Route Announcement Party Winners 09-20-2016
The Route Announcement Party was held on September 19th to a packed house at DJ’s Dugout.  The crowd enjoyed the opportunity to eat and have a drink during the social time prior to the raffle.  The raffle winners were: Winners of rider numbers 1-10                                     […]
Best Host for BRAN 36 06-25-2016
Host Communities for BRAN 36 did a spectacular job making the riders welcomed. The traveling home away from home atmosphere prevailed in each and every community. GRANT, An absolutely wonderful start host community for BRAN. They did it right . . . impressive warm welcome […]
BRAN 36 Rider Survey Results 06-25-2016
Because we care about our riders, we ask how we did and how we can get better.  BRAN is posting our results for all to review.  A disclaimer, the spelling isn’t always correct, but the content includes all comments from all returned surveys.  Blank areas represent […]
BRAN 36 is in the News! 03-16-2016
Check out the newspaper articles regarding BRAN 36!  
The Bike Rack 02-12-2016
The Bike Rack, one of Omaha and Lincoln’s premier bike shops, supports the riders on BRAN.  The Bike Rack will get your bike on the road in the morning, patrol the roads to fix anyone’s bike problems, and then be in camp at night to address the more advanced […]

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