Big Ring Dirt Road Race Series

Big Ring Dirt Road Race Series

The Big Ring Dirt Road Series is an annual gravel road racing series held in the Wichita, Kansas area. Cyclocross bikes are recommended but not required. Races will be held on dirt/gravel country roads. Surfaces may include but are not limited to: dirt, rocks, mud, gravel, dust, ice, snow, sand, and even pavement. The surfaces are varied and the terrain will make each race very challenging. The roads are open to traffic and wildlife. Each rider is expected to obey ALL traffic laws and laws of nature.

Points will be awarded to all riders that finish in each race. The rider with the highest point total at the end of the series will be declared the Big Ring Dirt Road Series Champion and will have their name engraved on the Big Ring Dirt Road Series trophy displayed in the Bicycle X-Change Shop. The Big Ring Dirt Road Series is a grass root type event, not a lot of money, amenities or spectators but it is big on fun and very challenging.

Events in the 2013 Big Ring Dirt Road Series include:

  • Musher's Mayhem - 2013-10-26 near Augusta, KS -- (5 laps) Indianola Road and US-54 Highway (3 miles east of Andover Road onUS-54) Park at West Butler County Office parking lot (do not park at Airport Parking Lots). This course is a 6 mile loop with varying terrain.
  • Gordon Ring - 2013-10-27 near Gordon, KS -- (6 laps) Gordon is located 7 miles south of Augusta on 77 Highway. Park along road/street in Gordon. The Gordon loop is 5 miles, with a great switchback climb and straight and fast downhill.
  • Badger Creek Bonkfest - 2013-11-09 and 2013-11-10 near Winfield, KS -- (5 laps) Course is located 1 mile east of Winfield on Highway 160 and 3 miles south on 121st Rd. Park along road south of 121st Rd and 192nd Rd intersection. The Winfield loop is 5.9 miles of varying terrain, with great climbs, rolling hills, fast downhills, concrete low water crossing, arch stone bridge, groomed gravel roads to a short minimum maintained section, scenic and a blast to ride.

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