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Dirty Kanza 200

The "Dirty Kanza" is intended to be a fun, but extremely challenging ultra-distance bicycling marathon event. It could be called the "Ultimate Gravel Grinder." The "Dirty Kanza" will use open public-access roads. All participants are totally on their own, and responsible for themselves. No rider services are provided during the event. Participants must make their own informed decisions, and suffer the consequences.

This is not an undertaking for the inexperienced bicyclist. Participants will be totally on their own for 200 miles. If you have never completed a solo 24-hour bicycling event, you might want to think twice about participating in the "Dirty Kanza". With the time frame given to complete the event, participants will likely not have the option of sleep, nor much rest. Keep in mind that if you break down, it is your responsibility to contact your support crew to come get you. So if you sign up for this event, make sure you have an emergency back-up plan.

The event will start and finish in the city of Emporia, Kansas, and cover 200 miles of blacktop, gravel, and dirt roads through the scenic Flint Hills.

Web Site: dirtykanza200.com
Location: Emporia, KS

Event Info:

06-03-2017Dirty Kanza 200 - The ultimate gravel grinder, the Dirty Kanza is an extremely challenging ultra-distance bicycling marathon event, starting and ending in Emporia, Kansas and covering 200 miles of blacktop, gravel, and dirt roads through the scenic Flint Hills.

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