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The "Dirty Kanza" is intended to be a fun, but extremely challenging ultra-distance bicycling marathon event. It could be called the "Ultimate Gravel Grinder." The "Dirty Kanza" will use open public-access roads. All participants are totally on their own, and responsible for themselves. No rider services are provided during the event. Participants must make their own informed decisions, and suffer the consequences.

This is not an undertaking for the inexperienced bicyclist. Participants will be totally on their own for 200 miles. If you have never completed a solo 24-hour bicycling event, you might want to think twice about participating in the "Dirty Kanza". With the time frame given to complete the event, participants will likely not have the option of sleep, nor much rest. Keep in mind that if you break down, it is your responsibility to contact your support crew to come get you. So if you sign up for this event, make sure you have an emergency back-up plan.

The event will start and finish in the city of Emporia, Kansas, and cover 200 miles of blacktop, gravel, and dirt roads through the scenic Flint Hills.

Web Site: dirtykanza200.com
Location: Emporia, KS

Event Info:

06-04-2016Dirty Kanza 200 - The ultimate gravel grinder, the Dirty Kanza is an extremely challenging ultra-distance bicycling marathon event, starting and ending in Emporia, Kansas and covering 200 miles of blacktop, gravel, and dirt roads through the scenic Flint Hills.

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#200women200miles: Andrea Cohen 12-01-2016
ell us about your biking: Riding for me is freedom. When I am riding I can be myself. I ride nearly every day. I have always been a person who needed activity in their life. The bicycles started out of necessity. Sometime during college (which seems like lightyears ago) […]
#200women200miles: Amanda (Panda) Nauman 11-28-2016
ell us about your biking: I was an age group swimmer my whole life through college. That led me to racing triathlons, which led me to employment in the bike industry, which led me to a broader horizon of bike racing and eventually realizing my love of racing in the dirt. […]
#200women200miles 11-15-2016
irty Kanza Promotions is committed to getting more women on bikes. To that end, we aim to see 200 women riding in the Dirty Kanza 200. We are encouraging all women to join in this movement because we know you can "find your limit", and smash 200 miles. Though women […]
#200women200miles: Nicole Blakemore 11-14-2016
ell us about your biking… I have loved riding a bike for my entire life. When I was young, my family would take an annual “cycling trip” on the Linear Trail in Manhattan, a flat pedestrian trail that did a stretch of Manhattan’s circumference. I never […]
2017 Dirty Reiver 11-08-2016
The Dirty Reiver is a 200 km off road cycling challenge based on the Gravel event format found predominantly in the Midwest of America. It was founded in 2016 and was met with instant success. The beautiful and challenging gravel forest access roads that service the vast […]
Bazaar Cattle Pens Get A Face Lift 10-28-2016
Yesterday Jim and myself had the opportunity to join the grand opening ceremonies of the newly renovated Bazaar Cattle Pens (and what better way than to travel by bike!?). The Cattle Pens have always been an interesting place to visit. One of the better viewing spots along […]
Brooks Edition Warbird 10-26-2016
Two of our Dirty Kanza sponsors have come together in a perfect union! Brooks England with their storied history has come together with Salsa Cycles to make quite arguably the most regal gravel rig available! This limited addition Warbird is appointed with Brooks Cambium […]
Training Camp – Open for Business 10-24-2016
No need to be stuck in the mud…or water…at Dirty Kanza! 200, or even 100 miles of Flint Hills gravel does not come easy though. It takes great dedication and know how. Our training camp offers an opportunity to prepare your mind, muscles, and machine for the […]
Orange Mud joins the team! 09-07-2016
We are pleased to announce that Orange Mud will be joining the Dirty Kanza team as a sponsor in 2017. While Orange Mud got their start in running, many of their products are great for cycling. In fact, they now have amazing cycling hydration packs (click link to check ’em […]

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