City of Fountains Bicycle Tour

City of Fountains Bicycle Tour

The City of Fountains Bicycle Tour is a family-friendly tour that starts at Washington Square Park. It goes to many of Kansas City's historic fountains and other landmarks such as the Kansas City Museum, the Plaza, Liberty Memorial, and Cliff Drive. Kansas City has over 200 fountains, only Rome, Italy has more. Some fountains are more than 300 years old.

Bring your camera, take a few pictures and check out the spectacular fountains and other sights. Along the way, you will be pampered by those always-great KCBC SAGs with plenty of cold drinks, fresh fruit, and goodies to make this the ride of the year. And to make sure your bike ride is trouble-free, there will be cellular equipped SAGs roving the routes.

9, 17, 22, 31 and 39 mile routes are available.

The City of Fountains Bicycle Tour is organized by the Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club.

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Location: Kansas City, MO [map]

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06-15-2014City of Fountains Bicycle Tour - An annual bicycle tour of the historic fountains and landmarks of Kansas City, Missouri.

Last Update: March 3rd, 2014