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Historic Gravel Road Ride (Mullet Ride)

The Historic Gravel Road Ride takes place in Baldwin City, Kansas. Gerard Arantowicz, the organizer of the ride, describes it like this:

"The Gravel Road Ride is special, because it connects all of the famous historical markers in the Baldwin area. It follows Quantrill's Trail and the Santa Fe Trail. It connects famous landmarks such as Hickory Point, Dow Cemetery, Signal Oak Lookout, the Battle of Black Jack site, the Brooklyn landmark and we ride by the Santa Fe Trail Ruts."

This event is also known as "The Mullet Ride": A Mullet Ride is business at the front and a party in the back!

The Historic Gravel Road Ride begins at 6th and High Street at 10am. There are 28 and 56 mile options. There is no charge for the ride.

Event Info:

01-16-2016Historic Gravel Road Ride (Mullet Ride) - A gravel road ride taking place in Baldwin City, Kansas with 28 and 56 mile options, and connecting famous historical sites in the area.

Last Update: December 21st, 2015