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Native Lands Classic

Native Lands Classic is an annual bicycling event that takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event is a ride/race of sorts. An adventure. You and your friends are going to ride until you cannot ride anymore....and then some more. You can go solo if you want. Its all in Osage Country, and some of our personal favorite roads. Mixed pavement and gravel, and the open views that make you happy to be out of the city.

Oklahoma boasts a history rich in Native American culture. The open space and country side provide an escape from the daily grind of the city. They invite you into a quieter, simpler place. As you ride into the rolling hills of Oklahoma you witness a land that is pure and uncut. This land housed nearly 67 different tribes. This land provided food for families, freedom for children to run, and freedom in general.

Native Lands Classic is you and your teammates accepting the route and the elements, the gravel and the open skies, and the weakest part of each other in pursuit of the ride. NLC was built on a gentlemens style race that allows teammates to work together to navigate and finish the course.

Web Site: nativelandsgr.wordpress.com
Location: Tulsa, OK [map]

Event Info:

03-18-2017Native Lands Classic - An annual adventure bicycling event that takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, through a history rich in Native American culture.

Last Update: January 11th, 2017