Russell Bike Rodeo

Russell Bike Rodeo

The Russell Bike Rodeo is an annual event that takes place in Russell, Kansas. The Bike Rodeo is designed to teach the importance of bicycle safety and make grade school children aware of the dangers of riding a bike. The Bike Rodeo is an excellent opportunity to have "hands-on" with the children and teach them bicycle safety.

The Bike Rodeo is held in a blocked city street and features an obstacle course for the Bike Rodeo participants to ride through. Each participant also has his/her bikes inspected by local volunteers. Some minor repairs are also completed to some of the bikes. Towards the end of the Bike Rodeo, a free barbecue is held for the participants, consisting of hot-dogs and iced tea. A drawing is also held and each participant is awarded a prize.

Web Site: russellcity.org
Location: Russell, KS

Last Update: April 4th, 2014