Spoke & Hub Century

Spoke & Hub Century

The Spoke & Hub Century is an annual bicycle ride that takes place in Bellevue, Nebraska, sponsored by the Bellevue Bicycle Club. Proceeds from the ride benefits organizations throughout the community.

Riders have the option of riding distances ranging from 26 to 100 miles. The Spoke & Hub Century is based on the idea of a wheel having a hub in the middle and spokes that branch out in various directions. In this ride, cyclists have the option of riding in one of four directions from the hub. This allows the group of approximately 250 riders to travel in many various directions instead of one massive group all heading the same direction at the same time. The ride takes place primarily on local trails.

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Location: Bellevue, NE [map]

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09-10-2016Spoke & Hub Century - An annual ride benefiting charitable organizations throughout the Bellevue, Nebraska community. Mileage options from 26 to 100 miles.

Last Update: August 12th, 2016