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CycloCampingCycloCamping specializes in bicycle touring and camping equipment. They offer a carefully-chosen selection of the most reliable and most efficient bicycle-touring gear and camping equipment the industry has to offer.

In my experience, they may not always have the best prices, but they provide outstanding service. They've tried out innumerable pieces of outdoor gear, and conscientiously selected the very best products, regardless of price. They've used these items themselves, and can answer your questions, and offer suggestions, with a level of experience that most retailers just can't provide.

The people at CycloCamping are enthusiastic bicycle travelers themselves, so they understand that when you're on a bicycle tour, you rely on your gear. A failure is often not just an inconvenience, but a show-stopper, which is why they emphasize rugged and reliable products above all else.

That's also why the offer free ground shipping for orders over $120, and ship same-day any order placed before 4pm EST. If you're out on the road, and need something right away, it's reassuring to know you can count on a company to have products in stock, and to ship them quickly and reliably.

CycloCamping carries the best bicycle touring equipment – gear such as Brooks saddles, Tubus racks, Ortlieb panniers, and Schwalbe tires – brands that have proven themselves time and time again. When people are planning to be on the road for weeks, months, or years at a time, they choose the best, knowing that quality trumps price when its a piece of gear you rely on every day.

"Trust in your gear is peace of mind."

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Note: We recommend that you purchase bicycles, components, accessories, and other gear from your local bike shop. If we don't support our local businesses, they can't support us. But if there is no bike shop nearby, or if they don't carry the items you need, an online purchase is entirely appropriate. And sometimes the online deals are just too good to pass up!

Last Update: January 30th, 2014