Manhattan covers bicycling in Manhattan, Kansas, the home of Kansas State University. The site contains news about bicycling-related issues in the Manhattan community and surrounding region. There is also a calendar of area bicycling events.

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FAQ about the cargo bike 07-08-2014
What is that and where can I buy one? It is a Bullitt cargo bike designed by Larry vs. Harry.  The largest distributor in the US is Splendid Cycles in Oregon.  Big Poppi (here in Manhattan) was able to special order it for us. How much did it cost? Splendid Cycles keeps […]
Fix a flat in 60 seconds 06-26-2014
This looks pretty amazing.  Perfect for commuters when you need a quick fix to make it to your next appointment on time.
Help us plan the future 06-26-2014
The Bicycle Advisory Committee is working on a new strategic plan for bicycling and we would like your help and input.  Click on the map above to view our current plans to reach our goal of a continuous, uninterrupted, signed network of safe streets, bicycle boulevards, […]
Help us build a critical connection for our bike network 02-12-2014
The city is now applying for a grant through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) Transportation Alternatives Program that would beautify the ditch east of Tuttle Creek Boulevard near IHop, but more importantly, it includes a trail system and crosswalk […]
It’s cold outside, on this rainy day. 11-14-2013
There's a saying, "if you don't like the weather in Kansas wait five minutes." In fall and winter, this is even more apparent. It seems like it can be sunny and 60 degrees one minute and freezing rain the next. With this high degree of unpredictability […]
Pass with 3’ yo! 10-07-2013
We've been talking to bicyclists in nearly all of these posts but I think it's important to draw some attention to motorists. Who am I talking about? All of us! Let's be realistic, almost all of us drive or ride in cars at some point. What are the rules about […]
My Bike-in with the Law 09-23-2013
I had the opportunity to sit down recently with Officer Scobee, one of the bicycle police officers with the Riley County Police Department, and talk about cycling within Manhattan. We had a great conversation about common infractions that the police officers observe among […]
What is it going to take to make MHK truly bike-friendly? 09-19-2013
When I first moved to Manhattan I didn't ride my bike. Shoot, I hardly walked anywhere except campus. Looking back, I can see why I felt like it was unsafe. One of the reasons was infrastructure – What I needed was there. There was only one bike lane that I knew […]
Bike Lane Safety 08-28-2013
With the addition of several bike lanes in Manhattan, it’s important to address some safety issues surrounding bike lanes for both cyclists and motorists. Many motorists in the area don’t have much experience driving with cyclists and so may not be familiar with […]
Contribute to Google Maps 08-12-2013
If you haven't noticed already, there have been some improvements to bike lanes in Manhattan! Several new bike boulevards and a dedicated bike lane were added in the Aggieville area. The new bike boulevards are located on Laramie and Humbolt Streets, and the new bike […]

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