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Community Cycles is a non-profit organization of bicycle enthusiasts in Boulder, Colorado whose mission is to educate and advocate for the safe use of bicycles as an affordable, viable and sustainable means of transportation and personal enjoyment within their community.

Community Cycles provides re-cycled bikes and a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, maintenance and operation through outreach and advocacy activities. Their aim is to recycle bikes from the local community, make them reliable again and get them back out to low income and/ or high needs members of the community.

Community Cycles is also an advocacy voice for cyclists in Boulder County, working with local, state and federal government, as well as businesses and neighborhoods, for better access to bike parking, transit, and trails. Community Cycles represents cyclists in local and regional planning and works to insure that new construction is bicycle friendly and that existing roads, schools, workplaces and shopping centers are re-envisioned to be safe for bicycles.

Community Cycles
2805 Wilderness Place Suite 1000
Boulder CO, 80301
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Workshops 08-15-2014
Community Cycles is ramping up it's education programs!  Now Scheduled through November! Community Cycles offers classes and workshops designed to generate understanding, confidence and provide resources for students. The workshops range from hands on activities […]
Please Support Our Endowment for Bike Mechanic Education 10-21-2014
Community Cycles is launching its first endowment campaign:  The Community Cycles Luke Harding Scholarship Memorial Endowment Fund. Luke was an early participant in our Earn-A-Bike Program. Honoring Luke's life and his love of cycling and the outdoors, Luke's […]
Sales and Service 07-22-2014
Community Cycles offers a full bike shop with new & used parts & accessories with discounts to CC members.  AND awesome & affordable re-furbished bikes. Come check us out and find your dream machine or sustainable transportation!
Pedestrian Shop Award 09-19-2014
Thanks again to Pedestrian Shops for their support of Community Cycles!  Pedestrain shops won Patagonia's Best Program Execution honors for the Advocate Weeks promotion via a consumer window design contest, media releases, pint/bike nights and Bike to Work week.. […]
Become a Community Cycles Member 03-26-2010
We've been busy this cycling season at Community Cycles. We have ambitious plans to get more people on bikes than ever in boulder than ever this year. But we can't do it without your support. By becoming a Community Cycles member you help ensure that we reach […]

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