Ed Wagner writes from Owasso, Oklahoma and offers opinions and humor about bicycle commuting, racing, advocacy, and various other cycling topics. According to his blog:

I'm a middle aged guy with a family. I grew up near Pittsburgh, PA, but moved to Oklahoma back in 1987 for a job in electronics. I regularly commute to work via bicycle, and my son and I compete in some local events. I write for the Red Dirt Pedaler's newsletter "Wheel Issues" and I'm active with several advocacy groups. Lastly, I'm a member of the League of American Bicyclists and a League Cycling Instructor.

My purpose is to promote bicycling as a transportation alternative, realizing that it has some small effect on congestion, pollution, and geo-politics. But the main point is that bicycling is fun! How many people arrive at work after a stress-filled commute in a motor vehicle, spent inching through traffic, complaining about the mutton headed drivers out there on the freeway? Cyclists, on the other hand, have an easier commute despite the popular misconception that riding a bicycle in traffic is an extremely dangerous activity best attempted by near-suicidal daredevils.

Web Site: cycledog.blogspot.com
Location: Owasso, OK [map]

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Arch-villain invades Owasso 07-17-2013
An odd advertisement popped up in the local paper. It was under the Help Wanted banner looking for people to apply for jobs as "minions." Now, times are tough and all, but who wants to be called a minion? Still, the ad said there was excellent compensation, opportunities […]
The end is near! 12-20-2012
This will probably be my final post on CycleDog since the world is scheduled to end tomorrow.  To the handful of people who read this, my humblest thanks.  I'm planning to take some photos of the apocalypse, and as usual, I'll post them here.  […]
Children have rights too. 12-16-2012
I posted this on a local forum yesterday: The NRA lost a lot of members over their support of so-called "cop killer" bullets that were designed to penetrate bullet proof vests.  I left the organization over that.  The writer pointed out that […]
Good news! 12-10-2012
Catoosa's iconic Blue Whale along historic Route 66 First, this post contains nothing about prostate surgery, so don't run away and hide! I've been bored sitting here on the couch.  A man can watch only so much daytime television, after all, and it's […]
I'm a 198 pound weakling! 12-06-2012
That's the good news. I haven't been under 200 pounds for more than 20 years. I wouldn't recommend surgery as a weight loss method, of course, but I simply haven't had much appetite.  Okay, here's a quick update. As it turned out, menstrual […]
One week after surgery 12-03-2012
I never expected to be sharing these with my daughter," I said, dubiously eyeing the packet of menstrual pads.  I'd just returned from the doctor's office after he removed the catheter.  I was thoroughly sick of the thing.  Wearing […]
Home from the hospital 11-28-2012
My purpose in writing about my prostate cancer is to encourage men to get tested. The PSA test caught mine very early, and despite it's moderately aggressive nature, I'm probably 100% cured. If anyone you know has to go through this, please don't hesitate […]
Inspected, detected, neglected, and selected 11-22-2012
20NOV2012 On Friday morning, I had another ultrasound with Dr. Milsten. He said the estimated size of my prostate given by Dr. Miller was very close. Milsten measured it at 71mm while Miller said 70. He's ready for surgery on Monday. In the afternoon I went to the Oklahoma […]
I've had a lot on my mind... 11-05-2012
"All twelve samples are positive for prostate cancer."  Dr. Miller was matter-of-fact and calm.  He'd done this many times.I was remarkably calm too...for the moment.  Unlike the movies, there had been no ominous music building in […]
A good story 10-14-2012
Our children can be surprising sometimes. I mean that in a good way, not as in "Dad, can you meet me at the emergency room?"  No, they surprise us by bringing up some long-fogotten lesson, and in this case, the lesson originated with others, not me and […]

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