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DirtBum is a personal blog dedicated to "exploring Kansas back roads by bike". DirtBum is focused on riding all kinds of dirt, including singletrack, rails-to-trails, gravel roads, minimum-maintenance roads, and every other kind of riding surface you may be able to think of.

Kansas has a lot of roads and trails that most road bikes just can't handle. This is the type of riding DirtBum proposes: Have mountain bike, will ride.

Web Site: thedirtbum.com
Location: Olathe, KS

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2017 Cup O’ Dirt Challenge Accepted 01-11-2017
I’m in for the 2017 Cup O’ Dirt Challenge — six unpaved imperial centuries (100 miles) or twelve unpaved metric centuries (100km) during the calendar year. I completed the 2016 campaign successfully, and it was a great inspiration to keep riding long throughout […]
Little Ozarks Gravel Grind 01-08-2017
My first gravel ride of the year was a good one. Met up with a small group in Cherryvale, Kansas for a route described as a “25-29 mile gravel ride with lots of undulations”. The temperature was in the single digits at sunrise, but with a clear sky and abundant […]
2016 Year-End Recap 01-06-2017
Here’s a look back at my cycling year. It was a really good year, both by the numbers and by the memories. This year-end summary image is courtesy of Strava and VeloViewer. By The Numbers 7,340 miles, my 2nd all-time I rode 361 out of 366 days of the year, missing […]
Finish Unpaved 12-31-2016
I wrapped up the year with a 32-mile ride that ticked a lot of my favorite boxes: gravel roads, rail-trails, singletrack. The temperature was in the mid-40s, with abundant sunshine, but a gusty north wind made it feel a bit chill, so I headed north on the Prairie Spirit […]
Birthday Ride: Buffalo Rose 12-27-2016
I headed out for a gravel ride this afternoon, planning to ride only about 40 miles. But with pleasant sunshine and mild temperatures, I just kept pedaling and knocked out more than enough to satisfy the “ride your age” demands of the birthday ride tradition. One […]
New Bars for the Nashbar 12-26-2016
In an attempt to both save a bit of weight and improve the ergonomics, I switched out the bars on my Nashbar 4050. The old setup had a forged aluminum “Custom” quill stem and a steel Hsin Lung handlebars. The new setup uses an Origin8 Threadless Quill Stem […]
Cup O’ Dirt Challenge 2016 12-22-2016
Each year, cyclists from all over set a goal to complete the Cup O’ Dirt Challenge by riding either 12 dirty metrics (100km) or 6 centuries (100 miles) on dirt during the calendar year. To qualify, a ride must cover 100 miles or kilometers in a day, at least 80% […]
An Unexpected Return 12-20-2016
Well now. It’s been over four years since I posted on this blog, but here I am again. Despite a gross dereliction of duty, I intend to carry on more or less as if nothing untoward had happened. Why the long absence? I lost interest, apparently. Life got busy. Other […]
Bike Camping at Leavenworth State Fishing Lake 09-03-2012
Another weekend bicycle camping excursion, this time with a more urban flavor. My wife wanted to go to an estate sale at 47th & Woodland in Shawnee, so I decided to take along the bike and start from there. That gave me a bit of a head start, allowing me to avoid some […]
Richmond City Lake Overnight Bicycle Camping 08-21-2012
With the heat wave that’s stalled over the midwest finally breaking up a bit, temperatures have moderated, and made it more comfortable to be outdoors. I haven’t really been bicycling all that much, but did manage to get away for an overnight camping trip recently. […]

Last Update: September 2nd, 2012