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DirtBum is a personal blog dedicated to "exploring Kansas back roads by bike". DirtBum is focused on riding all kinds of dirt, including singletrack, rails-to-trails, gravel roads, minimum-maintenance roads, and every other kind of riding surface you may be able to think of.

Kansas has a lot of roads and trails that most road bikes just can't handle. This is the type of riding DirtBum proposes: Have mountain bike, will ride.

Web Site: thedirtbum.com
Location: Olathe, KS

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Maxxis Raze Gravel Tires 05-29-2017
It’s time to swap out the Maxxis Raze tires on my Nashbar Gravel Bike. The tires came with the used wheelset I purchased last year. No telling how many miles they had on them before I got them, but I’ve put about 1900 miles on the set. I’ve been impressed […]
May Mo’ Gravel 05-20-2017
I’ve been staying with my parents for the past few weeks, as my mother recovered from hip replacement surgery. They still live on the same farm in Lafayette County, near Dover, that I grew up on, so it’s been a treat to be able to ride the roads around there. […]
Odense Adventure (Cup O’ Dirt Metric #3) 04-23-2017
It had been nearly two months since I’d added to my Cup O’ Dirt Challenge tally. For some reason, March and April had been dominated by short daily rides; no long rides to speak of. But with a lovely day promised, with light wind, abundant sunshine, and moderate […]
A Mundane March 04-02-2017
After big miles in January and February (556 and 491, respectively), the month of March was rather slow. I rode every day (387 miles in all), but my biggest ride was only 40 miles. I put in a lot of hours at Lehigh Portland Trails. Trail-building is pretty much done for […]
PST Velo+ Meetup Metric Ride Planned for April 29 04-01-2017
There’s a new bike shop opening in Iola in April, with a grand opening on April 29th. I put together plans for a little ride on that day: PST Velo+ Meetup Metric. Anyone is welcome to accompany me, but this is a show-and-go, unsupported ride. I’m hoping to get […]
Somehow Out of Sorts 02-17-2017
Early February, 70 degrees, sunshine, no wind … perfect riding conditions, and yet I was somehow out of rhythm. It was my first “shorts” ride of the new year, and I took off on a northerly route, picking off some new-to-me gravel roads on the border of […]
Up and Down the Lazy River (Cup O’ Dirt Metric #2) 02-07-2017
My second ride in the 2017 Cup O’ Dirt Challenge is in the books, a 68-miler in the Neosho River bottoms. After a week of mostly dreary weather — cold, gray, wind — Sunday promised sunshine, mild temperatures, and light wind. It delivered. I set out on […]
Stark Falls 01-28-2017
Met up with a couple of fellas in Stark KS for a little gravel road ride up to the Bourbon State Fishing Lake waterfall. The big waterfall wasn’t flowing, so that was a letdown, but the ride was otherwise enjoyable. There’s some ruggedly beautiful country around […]
Sense of Wander (Cup O’ Dirt Metric #1) 01-26-2017
I’d mapped out a 35-mile route, but with temperatures up to around 50°F and light winds, I went ahead and knocked off my first 100km+ route of the year in the Cup O’ Dirt Challenge. When I reached the decision point in the route — turn right to head home […]
I Rode 940 Miles for a Coffee Cup 01-23-2017
I worked hard last year to earn my very own Cup O’ Dirt Challenge mug — logging twelve gravel rides of over 100km each (totaling about 940 miles) — and the commemorative Cup O’ Dirt mug finally arrived in the mail the other day: Sweet! The sturdy […]

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