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DirtBum is a personal blog dedicated to "exploring Kansas back roads by bike". DirtBum is focused on riding all kinds of dirt, including singletrack, rails-to-trails, gravel roads, minimum-maintenance roads, and every other kind of riding surface you may be able to think of.

Kansas has a lot of roads and trails that most road bikes just can't handle. This is the type of riding DirtBum proposes: Have mountain bike, will ride.

Web Site: thedirtbum.com
Location: Olathe, KS

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Bike Camping at Leavenworth State Fishing Lake 09-03-2012
Another weekend bicycle camping excursion, this time with a more urban flavor. My wife wanted to go to an estate sale at 47th & Woodland in Shawnee, so I decided to take along the bike and start from there. That gave me a bit of a head start, allowing me to avoid some […]
Richmond City Lake Overnight Bicycle Camping 08-21-2012
With the heat wave that’s stalled over the midwest finally breaking up a bit, temperatures have moderated, and made it more comfortable to be outdoors. I haven’t really been bicycling all that much, but did manage to get away for an overnight camping trip recently. […]
Tour de Bourbon 07-22-2012
I’ve been itching to get out on a bicycle tour for months, and one thing or another always seemed to get in the way, but I finally got my chance the second week of July. I’d hoped to get away the weekend before, but brutally hot conditions caused my wife to veto […]
Beat The Heat! 07-04-2012
The temperature gauge read 107°F, the odometer read 115.9 miles, so can can say that I beat the heat! Might not have been the brightest idea to embark on a century on such a hot day, but it worked out to be a memorable ride. It had been a rather long time since I’d […]
Giant RS930 04-29-2012
After my last ride I noticed a problem with the rear hub on my Puch Cavette II, so I dropped it off at a local bike shop, and persuaded them to let me borrow a bike I was considering as a possible replacement. It’d give me a few days to evaluate the bike, and see if […]
Ramble With Me 04-28-2012
FYI, over on Kansas Cyclist I posted a sort of travelogue of a ride I did as part of the 30 Days of Biking Challenge: Ramble With Me. Today is day #21 of the 2012 30 Days Of Biking challenge, and for this edition, rather than trying to find one image that summarizes the […]
Time Trial Tuesday 04-18-2012
Not sure why, but I decided to run a little test today. I’ve been struggling with a feeling that my Long Haul Trucker is more sluggish than it should be. I know that it’s a touring bike, and I shouldn’t expect it to be “fast”. But when I came […]
Riding 129 Miles To Save $3.50 04-05-2012
Yes, it’s true: I’m a bit of a tightwad. I don’t mind saving a few bucks when I can. And it’s also a fact that I rode 129 miles on March 31st to take part in the Kansas State Parks “Open House” day, in which all state park entry fees were […]
74-Mile Grocery Run 04-03-2012
After getting back from Arkansas, the weather back home was warm and dry, and thew wind was mild. I set out on a trip to the grocery store, which is normally about 10 miles round trip. But I ended up taking quite a detour, getting in a 74-mile ramble by the time I was done. […]
Arkansas Wet Ride 03-29-2012
My week in northwest Arkansas was a blur of soggy days, but by the time Friday rolled around, the rain had mostly moved on, and I was able to get out for one more ride before we headed home. The day was cool and damp, and I was glad I’d brought my hat, gloves, and […]

Last Update: September 2nd, 2012