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DirtBum is a personal blog dedicated to "exploring Kansas back roads by bike". DirtBum is focused on riding all kinds of dirt, including singletrack, rails-to-trails, gravel roads, minimum-maintenance roads, and every other kind of riding surface you may be able to think of.

Kansas has a lot of roads and trails that most road bikes just can't handle. This is the type of riding DirtBum proposes: Have mountain bike, will ride.

Web Site: thedirtbum.com
Location: Olathe, KS

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New Bike Decision-Making: Salsa Journeyman 10-25-2018
I’ve been toying with the idea of a new bike for awhile, but never really found “the one” that pushed all my buttons. It’s been a long, drawn-out process of looking up and comparing bike specs, and imagining how they might actually affect real-life […]
Weighing Panniers vs Bikepacking Bags 07-04-2018
I’m still exploring my options when it comes to traditional bicycle touring (racks and panniers) vs. newfangled bikepacking setups (soft bags). So as any self-respecting bike nerd will do, I created a spreadsheet, and started plugging in numbers. First up, my current […]
Spirit Hills Tour 2018 06-24-2018
I’m back home from a short 4-day 3-night tour on the Prairie Spirit Trail (PST) and the Flint Hills Nature Trail (FHNT). Here’s the route, followed by a narrative, and a bunch of photos! Three of us (myself, Kimberly, and Jay) took off from Iola Tuesday morning, […]
Ready To Roll Out On A Short Tour 06-18-2018
I’m reprising a short tour I did a few years ago, riding the Prairie Spirit Trail from Iola to Ottawa, the Flint Hills Nature Trail from Ottawa to Council Grove, and then pavement and gravel back to Iola via Emporia. In all, it’ll be about 250 miles over four […]
Double Chancy’s Century 06-10-2018
Rode my first century of the year with my friend Lori. We’d only planned for 50, maybe 70 miles, but as we finished up our 70-mile route, we realized that conditions — mild temperature, light wind, reasonable humidity — made for ideal century riding, so […]
Running Continues, Biking Too 04-30-2018
So my little adventure in becoming a runner is progressing according to plan, slowly ramping up the distance, time, and pace. Since the first of the year, my distance run per month has increased from 26 to 28 to 34 to 43, which feels like a manageable month-over-month increase […]
So Now I Guess I’m a Runner, Too 03-31-2018
Since the beginning of the year, I’ve taken up running. Partly this is me being inspired by my ultrarunner friend Kimberly (and her husband, Jay). They run ridiculous distances in the cool months, and bike all year round. Kimberly rode with my on last year’s […]
USBR66 Tour: Gear Reviews 12-24-2017
The following are some quick reviews of gear I used on my recent USBR66 Tour, in no particular order: Here’e the bike and gear at the end of the tour. Things are little dirty because I did 30-some miles of gravel on the last day. The bike is a Retrospec Amok, billed […]
USBR66 Tour Recap 12-24-2017
I never got around to writing up my experiences from riding US Bicycle Route 66 from Chicago to Joplin, but suffice it to say that it was a great experience. Some bullet-point notes: The Retrospec Amok worked well as a touring bike once again. Just a really comfortable […]
Loaded Tour On Tap: Route 66 from Chicago 07-04-2017
I’m preparing to head out for a little bike tour. Four of us are planning to ride Amtrak from Kansas City to Chicago, then ride the first third of the Adventure Cycling Bicycle Route 66 back south through Illinois and Missouri, to Joplin. It’ll be about 700 […]

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