Farnsworth Bicycle Laboratory

Farnsworth Bicycle Laboratory

Eric Farnsworth is a Lawrence, Kansas artist who builds fanciful bicycles and pedal-powered creations from a home shop known as the "Farnsworth Bicycle Laboratory". Here's how The Daily Kansan describes it:

Bicycles large and small and frames hang from hooks on the ceiling. Boxes of gearshifts and brake pieces sit on a table, which is covered with more boxes. A large red toolbox with three open drawers holds tools. Leaning against the rock wall are six bed frames, scavenged in August when KU students were moving. Underneath the stairs is his 10-foot-long wooden workbench, covered by a sander, flame torch, tools and the bottom of a shopping cart. Above the stairs hang saws, metal rulers and levels. Underneath the workbench is a pile of tires and rims. His prized tool is a drill press he purchased at a garage sale. His pedaled grinder, dusted white with flour, sits in the basement next to two buckets of grain.

From a foot-propelled ice cream maker to a lawn-mowing bicycle, Farnsworth has transformed dozens of Lawrence's abandoned bicycles into both practical and artistic creations.

Although Farnsworth considers bike-making a hobby, he will also build custom creations on contract.

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Location: Lawrence, KS

Last Update: May 24th, 2012