Hiawatha Cyclist

Hiawatha Cyclist

Micah writes about bicycling in and around Hiawatha, in the Glacial Hills of northeastern Kansas.

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New Year's Resolutions... 01-02-2016
I have never really made New Year's Resolutions.  I know about a human's capacity for change, and it is seldom accomplished and rarely sustained.  That being the case, I think this life has more to offer, so I'm going to try a couple of things. […]
Average MPH 01-27-2015
Goal: More base miles - metLesson: Patience pays.  Strava says I did 22.6 at 14.5 mph, which is a step in the right direction.  The quality of base miles is improving, actually faster than I'd thought.  I'm able to stay larger gears for […]
Nite Ride 01-24-2015
Lesson: Always carry a backup light.  I didn't, and it was a chilly/cloudy night to be picking lines on gravel in the dark.  Goal:  Get miles.  Kinda did that, need more22+, avg 14 mph. Not great, but I think muscle memory […]
Base miles... 01-16-2015
Today's Goal: Ride 1+ hour, get Zen. Both accomplished.Today's Lesson: Never rush ride prep.A GREAT day to ride.  We've just finished with a sustained arctic blast, complete with cloudy skies and sub-zero lows. Today has been 50+ and the sun is a […]
I feel like a rookie again... 01-16-2015
I just went on a 19 mile ride, and even in the lousy shape I'm in, was confident that if I rode sanely I'd be fine.  Of course it was on gravel.  Hilly gravel.  In Kansas.  In July.  Heat index 104F or some […]
Back at it... 01-17-2014
I have AGAIN registered for the DK 200. Weather has been kinda crappy, and it is too icy to ride safely in NE Kansas.  So.  I'm running.  Doing Insanity workouts.  I'm getting the aerobic side in shape, and I plan on getting […]
I still remember how to ride... 09-15-2013
Was out for a little this morning.  Since the last post I have done a very little bit of riding, but also:Have been divorced.Have tried a relationship.Have gotten a brewery started, and am struggling to keep it going.Am trying to rehab a house in which I live, in […]
Back at it. 02-17-2013
So.  Yes, once again I'm registered for the Dirty Kanza 200.   And once again, I'm behind on training.  Circumstances are very different this year, motivation is multi factorial and time is going to be difficult to find.Just went Horton […]
Hey all! 12-26-2011
At long last, I've done enough on the bike to make an entry. Went a solid 25 today - mostly on sticky gravel roads, but with one or two forays into mud. Not sure what I'm going to do with my renewed interest, but have invitations to do some adventure racing, […]
I am an idiot. 04-29-2011
I've said it before. I've fallen off a ladder, walked on a broken ankle for 10 days, and I anticipate seeing an orthopedic surgeon in Kansas City next Tuesday.This may cause me to ride a little less this year. I expect to be on the bike maybe sometime in August […]

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