Hiawatha Cyclist

Hiawatha Cyclist

Micah writes about bicycling in and around Hiawatha, in the Glacial Hills of northeastern Kansas.

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New Bike!!! 02-23-2022
Gravel Gear, Unbound 2022 The seat needs to go...Found the bones on FB Marketplace from a MTB person who has been a tech-geek, and he threw in a box of parts because he's just a nice guy.  I took all of it to a local LBS, NW Pro Gear , and had them […]
It's getting easier... 02-17-2022 map of 45.4412329 -122.5125279
 Here's what it is about the "green zone".  Most of us, when diligent about improving our performance on the bike, train at moderately high intensity ("yellow zone"), all the time.  When we intend to take it easy […]
Happy Valentine's Day! 02-14-2022 map of 45.4412329 -122.5125279
This is how roses are delivered in Portland.  Who knew?  I went an easy 14, with a stop to get these pretty things to a really lovely person.  Short ride today.  I think that even at just 30 miles, some of my rides have been too […]
Green zone... 02-12-2022
 I've been learning, again, about how to train for endurance.  Over and over the research indicates that training in the "green zone" (light intensity) needs to make up the bulk of training effort, and "red zone" (high intensity) […]
30 miles today...baby BONK. 02-04-2022
It has been a LONG time since I tried to push miles.  I've not practiced hydration or nutrition in about 6 years.  A scant 10 miles in, I remembered how it felt not to have a) eaten enough for breakfast and b) not to have hydrated enough before […]
AND....I'm back.... #unboundgravel #dirtykanza 02-04-2022
 My Brother-In-Law, Jay, asked me, in December, if I would consider doing the Dirty Kanza 200 again (now known as Unbound Gravel).  I didn't have to think much to reply in the affirmative.  The race was full, a couple of weeks later we both […]
New Year's Resolutions... 01-02-2016
I have never really made New Year's Resolutions.  I know about a human's capacity for change, and it is seldom accomplished and rarely sustained.  That being the case, I think this life has more to offer, so I'm going to try a couple of things. […]
Average MPH 01-27-2015
Goal: More base miles - met Lesson: Patience pays.  Strava says I did 22.6 at 14.5 mph, which is a step in the right direction.  The quality of base miles is improving, actually faster than I'd thought.  I'm able to stay larger gears […]
Nite Ride 01-24-2015
Lesson: Always carry a backup light.  I didn't, and it was a chilly/cloudy night to be picking lines on gravel in the dark.  Goal:  Get miles.  Kinda did that, need more 22+, avg 14 mph. Not great, but I think muscle memory […]
Base miles... 01-16-2015
Today's Goal: Ride 1+ hour, get Zen. Both accomplished. Today's Lesson: Never rush ride prep. A GREAT day to ride.  We've just finished with a sustained arctic blast, complete with cloudy skies and sub-zero lows. Today has been 50+ and the sun is […]

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