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Iowa Bicycle Racing Association

IBRA (Iowa Bicycle Racing Association) is the local association of USA Cycling for the state of Iowa. They help promote and support the sport of USAC-sanctioned bicycle racing in Iowa. Their mission is to grow competitive cycling in Iowa and assist athletes in achieving sustained success in national cycling competition.

The IBRA web site provides a state-wide Iowa bicycling racing calendar, as well as information and links about bicycle racing across the state.

Web Site: iowabicycleracing.org
Location: Iowa City, IA [map]

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IMBCS joins IBRA 04-07-2016
    Great News for all of Iowa Bike Racing! The Iowa Bicycle Racing Association (IBRA) and the Iowa Mountain Biking Championship Series (IMBCS) have joined ranks. IBRA is a 501c3 non-profit organization who’s mission is to grow competitive […]
IBRA Juniors Program payoff! 01-05-2015
The Iowa Bicycle Racing Association awards gift certificates annually to assist juniors who race at least 10 races per year in Iowa. In 2014 nine juniors completed the challenge and received a $100 gift certificate to their local bike shop. Congratulations to these racers […]
January Board Meeting Minutes 01-27-2014
The Board of Directors of the Iowa Bicycle Racing Association met Jan. 25 to elect officers, establish a budget and conduct general business. Meeting held in conjunction with Iowa Bike Expo at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in room 302. While waiting for the meeting […]
IBRA Partners 11-24-2012
Top Features 10-16-2012
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