Joplin Trails Coalition

Joplin Trails Coalition

The Joplin Trails Coalition is a group dedicated to creating and maintaining walking and biking trails in and around the Joplin / Carthage Missouri area.

The coalition currently has two trail projects: the Frisco Greenway Trail that runs through Joplin and Webb City, and the Ruby Jack Trail that goes from Carthage, MO to the Kansas state line. Both of these trails are "Rails To Trails" projects, meaning they are former railroads that have been converted to multi-use trails. The trails are created and maintained via the hard work of several volunteers and generous donations from individuals and businesses throughout the community.

Come and explore the trails in person and to get involved with the trails by joining the Joplin Trails Coalition, volunteering on trail work days, and by supporting their annual fund raiser - the Maple Leaf Bike Ride.

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Location: Joplin, MO [map]

Last Update: September 2nd, 2012