KC Bike Commuting

KC Bike Commuting

This site is focused on bicycle commuting in the Kansas City area, and is written by Noah Dunker, who commutes daily from Lenexa by bike.

The site offers commuting tips, area cycling information, and personal observations and stories.

Web Site: kc-bike.blogspot.com
Location: Lenexa, KS

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Links for 2016-11-22 [del.icio.us] 11-23-2016
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Links for 2016-04-29 [del.icio.us] 04-30-2016
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Firsts. 01-28-2016
A few "first of..." moments:Bike commute to the new officeBike commute of 2016Bike ride below freezing since last winterFor a brief couple of weeks last year, I lived ridiculously close to work, and I rode my bicycle darn near every day. We've moved offices […]
Round trip 04-20-2015
For the next month, I live less than 3 miles from my office. I am making the most of it.
Trails 05-13-2014
I don't ride on the multi-use paths around here very often. There is a trail right next to my office, though, as evidenced here, it's popular. It's hard to see it in the photo, but there's a distinct path of worn-away grass leading off the concrete 30 […]
Bike To Work Week: Day Two 05-13-2014
I didn't make it out yesterday. I did this morning, however, despite being a bit chilly feeling for the middle of May. While hanging out with the city's volunteers, we counted three other cyclists that didn't want to stop. Three had preceded me at the rest […]
Spring Forward! 03-10-2014
... Actually? I feel pretty darn good. Mid-40's this morning? The bike beckons.
CPAP 06-10-2013
How the doctor described it:What it's really like:
Operation HTHU: The Suffer-ring 06-10-2013
As I rolled out this morning, I made a promise to myself: No more granny ring. I've spent far too long in the small chainring on The Twelve. My new route has more hills, but it's not spectacularly hilly. I can do this. Mission accomplished, and my average speed […]
The rat maze. 06-06-2013
he bizarre maze of residential roadways between 103rd and 91st streets still messes with me. I can honestly say I have never taken the exact same route twice, riding to work or riding back home. Part of it is me trying to find the friendliest route. The other part is me […]

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