Limited Warren T

Limited Warren T

Warren T is a cyclist and bicycle commuter who lives in Overland Park, Kansas with his wife, 5 kids and 2 dogs. Warren is also a regular contributor to CommuteByBike.com.

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Vainglorious Arrows 08-27-2018
Quiet Time 06-08-2018
Remember when people used to blog?...I've been off the bike for a while but am slowly getting back in the groove. When I say I'm taking it slow I mean that even though my knee feels fine now, I'm not going back to riding 20 miles or more a day. I started with […]
2 Reasons I'm not a Runner 09-17-2013
Bike to Work Week - Overland Park, Kansas 2013 05-15-2013
Bike to Work Week in Overland Park is off to the best start I've seen since 2007. I thought the job Brian and Nico did last year was stellar. This years has topped it already. Nice job guys. I met up with my buddy Noah on Monday morning. We've been meeting […]
Indian Creek Trail Closure at Switzer Continues 04-12-2013
Several people have asked me recently about updating my posts on the closure of the Indian Creek Trail at Switzer in Overland Park. I also get quite a few visits based on people searching for keywords like:Indian Creek Trail Closure Switzer Construction Dates.I've got […]
Parking at the New HyVee 03-06-2013
Two of my three youngest work for HyVee and the other one did so until just recently. They hear a lot of talk about the new HyVee at 95th and Antioch. Actually, most of us in the area hear a lot about it because it is a big topic of discussion throughout the area.The biggest […]
The Rationally Optimistic Bicyclist 02-27-2013
"The world of things ... is indeed often subject to diminishing returns. But the world of ideas is not. The more knowledge you generate, the more you can generate. And the engine that is driving prosperity in the modern world is the accelerating generation of useful […]
Lesson Learned During 2012 BAK 02-01-2013
Monday's high temperature was 74° F. The last couple of days it only made it up to the mid-twenties. You'd think that I would have made sure that I got out on my bike when the temperatures were so spring like. Nope, it was pretty windy and one of the results of […]
MessengerMirror eye/sunglass-mounted cycling mirror 06-07-2012
I've put this off for way too long. Back in August of 2009, Fritz posted a review of the Messenger Mirror. I was intrigued and added the MessengerMirror to my Christmas List. Christmas of 2009 I received my mirror and have used it regularly ever since. I love it. And […]
Meanwhile, at the Gym 05-22-2012
 Once again I score the rock star parking spot at the gym; you know, the place people drive to to ride bikes that don't go anywhere...

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