Michelle Davis writes from Kansas City, Missouri. According to her blog:

I'm a 30-something Kansas City cyclist. I also like to take pictures, sew, brew beer, plant flowers, perform feats of demolition and do dorky dances. I have two cats, both more or less insane, as any good cat should be. I'm easily amused, I love cover songs, good, bad, and/or clever. I'm addicted to painting bicycle frames. I can't wait to re-paint my 29er and my road bike, because in their current trim, they're not nearly as pretty as they could be. For the record, the planned paint jobs are going to be metalflake electric blue and lime green with pink panels, respectively. The current colors are flat brown and navy blue, respectively.

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Location: Kansas City, MO [map]

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From the Department of Unpopular Opinions in re: Depression 06-08-2016
Maybe what I am saying is that I should start taking the struggles for granted and when the smooth patches heave into view, I should land 'em like a victorious pirate captain, plant my flag, and celebrate like I have commandeered the finest shipment of Good Times on […]
No-one gets out alive 05-06-2016
The pop culture vision of senile dementia is the doddering eccentric, who calls her grandkids by the wrong name, makes non-sequitur commentary whenever it’s devastatingly funny to do so, and genially bungles her way through the “golden years.” The reality […]
But go now the bells, and we are ready 01-02-2016
When I look at pictures of Joel and see his trademark big grin shining back at me, the merriment in his eye – all evidence of his legendary bonhomie, I can't help but be minded of John Crowe Ransom's "Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter." That […]
A Cold Deeper Than My Bones 12-28-2015
I sit here wearing two sweaters, a beanie, corduroy trousers, woolen socks, desperate to stave off the cold.  Never mind the thermostat is set on a very reasonable 63° Fahrenheit.  It’s not a literal chill, as such, it’s something that sets upon me when I’m […]
Time is running out 12-17-2015
The one year anniversary of Joel’s death is closing in upon me, and I am frankly starting to panic. It feels like it’s happening too fast, like an avalanche. I feel like a cartoon mouse trying to dig in its heels and stop a speeding train. It’s irrational […]
Things I swore I’d never do as a parent (and so far have not) 11-17-2014
I’ll grant first off, that I haven’t been on this parenting project for all that long – slightly less than a year-and-a-half so far, so the bar is as yet set low, but I have two things that have been on my mental radar of Bullshit I Am Not Going To Visit […]
The petty triumphs of the sad and slightly obsessive 11-15-2014
If I parked the car any nearer to the garage, it would have to be parked inside the garage. I actually back in with the window rolled down and my head out to make sure of my distance. The big deal and my self-imposed parking challenge is that I have to do this all in […] […]
Those cows have obviously seen some shit 11-10-2014
I bought one of those little "idyllic townscape" rugs for my son's bedroom, so that he can roll his toy cars around the streets, build on LEGO destinations, etc. When it arrived, I was quite pleased with its general idyllic-townness. For example, here’s […]
I would walk five hundred mile…stones. 11-05-2014
At age sixteen months (fourteen and a half months, adjusted) young Joseph just nailed a pretty big milestone: Yepyep, the kid can walk now. He’s only been threatening to walk since the beginning of September. He’s been cruising the perimeter of rooms, scuttling […]
ACME Idiot Trap 10-26-2014
Based on recommendations from a friend, I have procured an ACME Idiot Trap for ensnaring the dimwitted fur-merchants that infest my house. As you can see, this trap is simple and effective and quite reasonably priced to boot. 100% satisfied, and pleased to provide further […]

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