Michelle Davis writes from Kansas City, Missouri. According to her blog:

I'm a 30-something Kansas City cyclist. I also like to take pictures, sew, brew beer, plant flowers, perform feats of demolition and do dorky dances. I have two cats, both more or less insane, as any good cat should be. I'm easily amused, I love cover songs, good, bad, and/or clever. I'm addicted to painting bicycle frames. I can't wait to re-paint my 29er and my road bike, because in their current trim, they're not nearly as pretty as they could be. For the record, the planned paint jobs are going to be metalflake electric blue and lime green with pink panels, respectively. The current colors are flat brown and navy blue, respectively.

Web Site:
Location: Kansas City, MO [map]

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Absolve the sin of living in the skin we’re in 05-31-2017
What is your blade? What is your red-hot match head? What mortifies your flesh to alleviate your spirit? What reinforces your humanity in all its profanity?
Last night a DJ saved my life… 01-15-2017
I was thinking about the Ten Albums that Defined Your Teen Years thread that’s going around. I am going to be a sad-ass and admit I don’t have a roster of ten albums. I listened to a lot of different music, depending on my mood. I was, to the largest extent, […]
Dispatches from inside the siege 01-14-2017
You.  You feared that we’d come for your guns.  Did we? I.  I fear that you will come for my books, my words, my thoughts.  Will you? I fear that you will stop my children’s teachers teaching them about geology, geography, biology, history, literature, […]
The treasure of routine 01-12-2017
I rode my bike to work today. Many of you are like, “yeah, so what…you always ride your bike to work,” but the fact of the matter is. I have a job to ride to. It’s very, very, very part time, but. I have eight hours a week where I am being paid for […]
And you may call me Shitmaster 01-11-2017
This beautiful afternoon, while it was about 65F and sunny, while one child was zooming around the yard on his Strider and the other was literally wallowing in the mud that constitutes our sandbox, I did a Minesweep of the back yard and cleared out all the dog-doody the […]
From the Department of Unpopular Opinions in re: Depression 06-08-2016
Maybe what I am saying is that I should start taking the struggles for granted and when the smooth patches heave into view, I should land 'em like a victorious pirate captain, plant my flag, and celebrate like I have commandeered the finest shipment of Good Times on […]
No-one gets out alive 05-06-2016
The pop culture vision of senile dementia is the doddering eccentric, who calls her grandkids by the wrong name, makes non-sequitur commentary whenever it’s devastatingly funny to do so, and genially bungles her way through the “golden years.” The reality […]
Interpretative T-Ball 01-30-2016
When we were out walking today, we stopped at our shitty neighborhood park, and for once there were some other kids there playing. They were a bit older than Joseph – two little boys and a girl, aged somewhere in the four to six range. They were trying to play Tee […]
But go now the bells, and we are ready 01-02-2016
A Cold Deeper Than My Bones 12-28-2015
I sit here wearing two sweaters, a beanie, corduroy trousers, woolen socks, desperate to stave off the cold.  Never mind the thermostat is set on a very reasonable 63° Fahrenheit.  It’s not a literal chill, as such, it’s something that sets upon me […]

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