Tom Winfield writes from Southwest Iowa where he rides trails and singletrack. His web site is a great resource for trails in the area, and he also offers photo journals of numerous local rides.

Tom also has a blog which offers detailed ride reports and trail news.

Web Site: tomwinfield.com

Headlines From NaugaBikeFeed

Ham Radio Equipment 06-06-2019
This afternoon, I unpacked my ham radio gear.  Guess it was about time as it has been sitting in the garage for the last 3 years!On the bottom, the lineat power supple and Icom 707 transceiver.  Middle row are two of my antenna tuners.  On the […]
Introduction to County Hunting 05-28-2019
In the United States. there are 3077 jurisdictions (counties, parishes, districts). CQ Magazine offers an award for making 2-way amateur radio contacts with stations in those jurisdictions. The award is the United States All Counties Award (USA CA).I, (WA9LKD), holds USA-CA […]
Taco Cabana - a Bust 05-12-2019
Yesterday, decided to check out some of the local "Fast Food". Went to the Taco Cabana at Westside & Unser. Ordered their beef enchilada plate with green chile on the side. I was not excited about the taste. Even with the chile, it was rather bland.Food […]
Memoirs Update 04-17-2019
Yesterday I went to Office Max and purchased supplies to print out a working copy of my memoirs.  This will help be understand where I need to write sections (chapters). and make some corrections and additions. At this time, I think there about 60k words on paper.  […]
Jungle Boots 04-17-2019
Bought the boots and BDUs some time ago.  For over a year in Vietnam I wore boots like these.  Happy I was able to pick up these boots, in my size, at a local surplus store.  The "Tiger Stripe" camo BDU pants at a good combination.
New Boots 04-17-2019
After breakfast, I headed out for some shopping.  Stopped by Boot Barn, but they did not have the boots I was looking for (desert boots) nor any belts that L likes.  Ended up driving to Kaufmans, being sure they would have them.  Reebock desert […]
House Work 03-25-2019
Busy weekend. Friday, tore up boxes, no into the recycling bin. Sat & Sun picked up 2 more bookcases. Got one assembled. Framed my horse ride photo and hung a couple other photos. Still, have another bookcase to assemble.Saturday treated myself to a brat and 2 pints […]
Heading Home 02-14-2019
After a light breakfast at the hotel, I finished packing the car.  Headed North from Tucson on highway 77.  Was planning to stopping by in Globe, but before I knew it, I was through the edge of town.I had driven North from Globe and to the Salt River Canyon.  […]
Air, Space, & Missiles 02-14-2019
Time to check out some newer technology.  Headed out to the Pima Air & Space Museum.  Spent the extra money to ride the tram.  Was sure my legs and knee would not want to do all the walking.  Interesting tour - lots of aircraft.Back […]
Movies & Cacti 02-13-2019
Seems that a Sunday would be a good day to check out Old Tuscon - a worked movie studio.  To get there, had to drive through the Tuscon Mountain Park.  Stopped at a parking area to take some photos.  Lot's of Saguaro and other cacti on the […]

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