Tom Winfield writes from Southwest Iowa where he rides trails and singletrack. His web site is a great resource for trails in the area, and he also offers photo journals of numerous local rides.

Tom also has a blog which offers detailed ride reports and trail news.

Web Site: tomwinfield.com

Headlines From NaugaBikeFeed

16" boots 01-16-2017
While I was packing up the Iowa house, I did not think I would want/need any of my high boots.  I had a pair of Red Wing 16" boots that was not fitting right these days (I was much heavier than when I bought them).  Not thinking about of the boots […]
Sandwich at Local Brewhouse 01-10-2017
I seemed to have a little cabin fever and decided to check out "The Local Brewhouse" for early Friday evening dinner.  It was a pretty busy place, more than I had seen other times.  Most of the bar stools were occupied.  I decided to […]
First Measurable Snow 01-10-2017
It was almost a whole week into the new year before we had the first measure-able snowfall here in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho.  Over Thursday night, the temperature dropped as precipitation fell in New Mexico.  We were right at the freeze line.When I got up […]
Cowboy 12-27-2016
HaHa -- Went to The Local Brewhouse (less than a mile from home) for dinner this evening. Sat at the bar. I was identified as "Table - COWBOY" wearing my boots, 501's, western shirt, and cowboy hat.OH, I had a pint of amber ale, Philly steak, & fries. […]
Christmas 12-26-2016
Didn't do much during Christmas Day.  Mostly played n the computer.  Dressed up for dinner (cowboy shirt, belt, Levis), hiking boots)   Weather had been threatening, but most of the day was beautiful, just a little cool.Photo here […]
Christmas Eve Visitors 12-26-2016
Christmas Eve afternoon, I was working in the house (OK, I was playing on the computer) when the door bell rang.  Looking out the hall window, the over-the-street couple were at the door.  I was dressed in a t-shirt, new camo kilt, and socks.  […]
Electronics Bench 11-29-2016
The hobby room (just thought of the name of the room) is taking shape in the New Mexico house.  I got the electronics work bench and shelving assembles and staged into the room.I am looking forwarding the learning and experimenting with my electronics.  […]
Computer Desk 11-26-2016
Thanks for help with friends Don & Leland, I got my teak wood desk out of the garage and into the electronics/computer room in the new house.  Getting the desk in the room was the key to settling up this room.That afternoon, I got right into setting up the […]
Explora! 11-26-2016
The third Friday of odd numbered months is Adult Night at Explora!  Explora is the Science Center and Children's Museum of Albuquerque.  High Desert Amateur Radio Club sets up a display in a room of the museum for Adult Night. The display shows some […]
Tailgate Flea Market 11-26-2016
Another function hosted by High Desert ARC - a tailgate flea market .  The function was held in the South of the Intel parking lot in Rio Rancho.  The club hosts this free flea market each year on the Saturday near Veteran's Day.

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