Tom Winfield writes from Southwest Iowa where he rides trails and singletrack. His web site is a great resource for trails in the area, and he also offers photo journals of numerous local rides.

Tom also has a blog which offers detailed ride reports and trail news.

Web Site: tomwinfield.com

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I Have Functional Aphasia 07-18-2017
I wrote this yesterday in my frustration.  It seemed to me that I was not taking seriously by my "friends" in my new home area of New Mexico.I was feeling that my comments and suggestions are not considered. Treated like a "country bumpkin" instead […]
Back to New Mexico 07-06-2017
The last day on the road.  Coming out of Cortez, CO, I had to find the NW New Mexico landmark "Shiprock".  The formation is located several miles SW of the town of Shiprock.From there, I drove East to Farmington.  Instead of the direct […]
Pizza & Beer 07-06-2017
The second evening on the trip I got my "cowboy" on for dinner.  I had a hankering for pizza.  First night in Reno we had some chain-store pizza,  Tonight, I was looking forward to a good, local pizza.  The Main Street Brewery […]
Colorado 141 07-02-2017
I took the scenic route (Colo Rt 141) out of Grand Junction to Cortez.  This is a beautiful drive and the weather was perfect for it.  Most of Colo 141 is in a canyon.  Some interesting rock formations.  Stopped at a store in Gateway for […]
SLC to Grand Junction 07-02-2017
Headed out of Salt Lake City.  Was mostly a boring drive down to Moab.    As I neared Arches National Park, I saw signs that the park was closed.  It was about noon. I could see vehicles driving the park road to the exit, but […]
SLC Friends 07-02-2017
Settled into my room in SLC.  Made plans to visit with Danny & Ricky the next mornig.  They were Nature's landlords when he first moved from Las Vegas to SLC.  Dinner at a sports bar a block from my hotel.Had a nice visit and lunch.  […]
Great Basin National Park 07-02-2017
Sunday seemed to be a good day to check out the Ward Coke Ovens and Great Basin National Park.  When I got to the coke ovens, I saw the state wants $7 for using the state park.  I thought that was a little high, since I just wanted to take a couple photos […]
Saturday Night in Ely 07-02-2017
After my train ride on the Nevada Northern Railway, I headed to my hotel.  It was time to check out what happens on Saturday night in Ely.  From what the hotel clerk, not very much.Being Saturday evening, I showered and got my "cowboy" on.  […]
Nevada Northern Railway 07-02-2017
After breakfast in Austin, I drove through Eureka and on to Ely.  Drove on North to check out the Pony Express exhibit (nothing to write home about).  Made reservations for this evening train ride.  Had some problems with my reservation (they were […]
Sleepy Town 07-02-2017
I knew it was  too far to drive from Reno to Ely and still see the sights.  Overnight in the sleepy town of Austin, NV.  Food establishments close by 4m and 6pm.  Had lunch when I got in town (bacon cheeseburger & fries).  […]

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