Tom Winfield writes from Southwest Iowa where he rides trails and singletrack. His web site is a great resource for trails in the area, and he also offers photo journals of numerous local rides.

Tom also has a blog which offers detailed ride reports and trail news.

Web Site: tomwinfield.com

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Economy - Psychology of the Poor 01-07-2020
While my degree is in Electrical Engineering, Case Institute of Technology (my college, later a part of Case Western Reserve University) we had to select a humanity core besides our engineer core.  I selected "Psychology Core".  I felt it would […]
Pleasant Lunch Surprise 12-27-2019
Headed out for a late (3pm) lunch at the local (just over a mile from me) Chili's. Pleasantly surprised to see these signs close to the main entrance. I grabbed one of the 2 so designated parking spaces. For lunch, I had a lunch special - a side Caesar salad, double […]
Boots and Jeans 12-25-2019
I have had these white upper boots for some time.  It was time to wear them for a day.  Here. wearing with "Jack's Treads" slim fit, button-fly jeans.  I have to wear the jeans tucked into the boots.  Legs of the jeans are […]
Cuffed or Not 12-26-2019
According to the internet, Jeans should NOT be cuffed with boots. I will buck the trend. For straight-leg Wranglers or Levis (especially 501s), I think the jeans look better CUFFED with boots. Obviously, boot-cut jeans should NOT be cuffed.Photo here shows a pair of Wranglers, […]
Waterproof Boots 12-25-2019
More boots.  Waterproofed, "Winter" boots.  These are "Fields & Stream" boots from Dick's Sporting Goods.  Shown here wearing with digital camo button-fly BDU's.  BDU's from one of the surplus […]
Paratroop Boots 11-19-2019
Yup, another new pair of boots.  Had been looking at these paratroop boots by Bates for some time.  I finally had some time where I could order and take delivery of these boot. Side zipper, 11" boots with a polishable toe.  Felt a little festive […]
BBD's 11-03-2019
Had an awesome bacon-cheeseburger at BBD's in the Palace Station. The burger accompanied by crinkle fries. I had it washed down with 2 pints of "The Drift" ale from Yorkshire Square Brewery in Torrence, CA.Ujfortunately, the price was awesomely high - 27$. […]
Las Vegas Bound 11-03-2019
One the road again.  Drove to Las Vegas with cousin for his West Coast Pipe Show.  Has breakfast/lunch in Williams, AZ. Got off the highway to check out the "almost" ghost town of Chloride, AZ.  Used the facilities and bought a book at […]
Echo Banquet 10-26-2019
Friday evening the men of Echo and their wives (including 2 widows) gathered at La Posta in Old Mesilla.  I  was a little late for dinner.  I thought dinner was at 7pm.  It was almost 6 when I realized my mistake!  Found the restaurant […]
Farm & Ranch Museum 10-26-2019
Thursday, I needed a "down" day.  Skipped the travel to Columbus, NM (Poncho Villa State Park) and Palomas, Mexico.  Spent the day watching TV, playing o the computer, and napping. Friday was back to reunion functions.  In the morning, […]

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