Tom Winfield writes from Southwest Iowa where he rides trails and singletrack. His web site is a great resource for trails in the area, and he also offers photo journals of numerous local rides.

Tom also has a blog which offers detailed ride reports and trail news.

Web Site: tomwinfield.com

Headlines From NaugaBikeFeed

Memoirs Update 04-17-2019
Yesterday I went to Office Max and purchased supplies to print out a working copy of my memoirs.  This will help be understand where I need to write sections (chapters). and make some corrections and additions. At this time, I think there about 60k words on paper.  […]
Jungle Boots 04-17-2019
Bought the boots and BDUs some time ago.  For over a year in Vietnam I wore boots like these.  Happy I was able to pick up these boots, in my size, at a local surplus store.  The "Tiger Stripe" camo BDU pants at a good combination.
New Boots 04-17-2019
After breakfast, I headed out for some shopping.  Stopped by Boot Barn, but they did not have the boots I was looking for (desert boots) nor any belts that L likes.  Ended up driving to Kaufmans, being sure they would have them.  Reebock desert […]
House Work 03-25-2019
Busy weekend. Friday, tore up boxes, no into the recycling bin. Sat & Sun picked up 2 more bookcases. Got one assembled. Framed my horse ride photo and hung a couple other photos. Still, have another bookcase to assemble.Saturday treated myself to a brat and 2 pints […]
Heading Home 02-14-2019
After a light breakfast at the hotel, I finished packing the car.  Headed North from Tucson on highway 77.  Was planning to stopping by in Globe, but before I knew it, I was through the edge of town.I had driven North from Globe and to the Salt River Canyon.  […]
Air, Space, & Missiles 02-14-2019
Time to check out some newer technology.  Headed out to the Pima Air & Space Museum.  Spent the extra money to ride the tram.  Was sure my legs and knee would not want to do all the walking.  Interesting tour - lots of aircraft.Back […]
Movies & Cacti 02-13-2019
Seems that a Sunday would be a good day to check out Old Tuscon - a worked movie studio.  To get there, had to drive through the Tuscon Mountain Park.  Stopped at a parking area to take some photos.  Lot's of Saguaro and other cacti on the […]
On to Tuscon 02-13-2019
Packed up the Tombstone room and headed toward Tuscon.  Took the scenic route.  Ran across the old ghost town of Fairbank.  Took time to shoot a few photos.Found Saguaro National Park East section.  Drove the scenic loop road.  […]
Tombstone Tourist 02-09-2019
Was out of the room about 8 AM.  Drove down to the town of Bigbee.  Old Bisbee is an interesting little town in the mountains, just North of the border with Mexico.  Stores where not open, yet.From there, back to Tombstone to check out the cemetary […]
Moving Day 02-09-2019
After breakfast at the ranch, I finished packing bag for moving into town (Tombstone} for two nights.  It has been may years since that I was so sad to leave the location.  The people at the Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch really make you comfortable, like […]

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