Tom Winfield writes from Southwest Iowa where he rides trails and singletrack. His web site is a great resource for trails in the area, and he also offers photo journals of numerous local rides.

Tom also has a blog which offers detailed ride reports and trail news.

Web Site: tomwinfield.com

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It's a Boot Thing 09-17-2017
When I moved from Iowa to New Mexico, I left most of my boots.  Over the year and a half since I moved, I found how much I miss my boots.  Slowly, I have added to my collection.As you can see, most at cowboy boots.  With them, I have invested in […]
Heading Home 09-11-2017
Visited with Betinna  and John at Panera (coffee & cinnamon roll for breakfast). Had an uneventfully drive to Dodge City.  Had some rain between York, NE and the Kansas line.  Checked into my motel.  Found out my favorite sports […]
Radio & Race 09-11-2017
Saturday morning it was time to see my friends in the Council Bluffs ham radio club. Met them at Super Saver for breakfast.  Besides the nornal locals, a former member, now in Missouri, was also visiting.  Great visit.  The 2 hours did not be enough […]
Easy Day 09-11-2017
I basically got every thing that I came to Iowa to accomplish.  Rested most of the day.  Picked up a couple souvenirs for a friend in SE New Mexico.  Bought a couple things for myself while I was there. 
Panera, Bank, & Visiting 09-11-2017
WOW, I did not take the time to get a photo today.  Started the day with coffee and Bagel at Panera Bread.  It was my normal Thursday morning, so visit with lots of my friends there. From there, it was downtown Omaha to the bank for the safe deposit […]
Finances and Friends 09-11-2017
The first stop on Wednesday was the Jennie Edmundson Hospital Cardiac Rehab unit.  Thanks to Mike, Kay, and Jan, I was on my recovery from the heart valve replacement.From there, it was on to the bank for a meeting with my financial advisor.  Reviewed my […]
On into Council Bluffs 09-11-2017
On the way into Omaha, I stopped by the outlet mall and picked up a couple more pairs of Levis (2 sized smaller that a year ago).  Then to Extreme Wheels bike shop to visit with Zack and Bill.  Had a nice visit. Checked into my motel and relaxed […]
Trip to Iowa 09-11-2017
Since the early Summer, I have been planning at trip to Iowa.  In addition of visiting friends, I needed to close my safe deposit box.  The original plan went by the wayside when plans were the same week of Buffet's big annual meeting (could not get […]
I Have Functional Aphasia 07-18-2017
I wrote this yesterday in my frustration.  It seemed to me that I was not taking seriously by my "friends" in my new home area of New Mexico.I was feeling that my comments and suggestions are not considered. Treated like a "country bumpkin" instead […]
Back to New Mexico 07-06-2017
The last day on the road.  Coming out of Cortez, CO, I had to find the NW New Mexico landmark "Shiprock".  The formation is located several miles SW of the town of Shiprock.From there, I drove East to Farmington.  Instead of the direct […]

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