Tom Winfield writes from Southwest Iowa where he rides trails and singletrack. His web site is a great resource for trails in the area, and he also offers photo journals of numerous local rides.

Tom also has a blog which offers detailed ride reports and trail news.

Web Site: tomwinfield.com

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Thursday Breakfast 12-06-2018
Thursday is the Ham Radio club coffee/breakfast at Flying Star.  I prefer the breakfast sandwixh from Panera Bread, so I stop by there on my way to breakfast.  At Panera I buy one of their breakfast sandwiched (sausage, scrambled egg, Vermont cheese, on […]
Geezerz at Blue Grasshopper 11-30-2018
Geezerz luncheons have moved to Fridays.  Today it was held at the Rio Rancho Blue Grasshopper.This has great pizza.  Today's were a little undercooked, but still good.  Normally, I get the meatlover's pizza.  Today I tried the […]
The finished dessert 11-24-2018
Usually, I would turn out the "cake" on a cake plate.  I did not sure how well it would hold together, so served it in the bowl.  Both are acceptable Danish ways of serving the dessert.  Top up the dessert with lots of whipped cream and […]
Assembly the Dessert 11-24-2018
Chop the bread into small  pieces in the food processorToast the breadcrumbs in a skillet with butter and a little sugar.  Heat applesauce with a little sugar and cinnamon.Alternate layers of breadcrumbs and applesauce in a bowl (see to the right)Full bowlRefrigerate […]
Makings of Danish Apple cake 11-24-2018
I headed to my local Smith's Grocery Store for my fixings for my Danish Apple Cake.  I could find everything except for the Zweiback or Melba Toast.  Some folks at the store did not what I was talking about.  Found one of the eldery check-out […]
Spinns Burgers 11-05-2018
Halloween Geezerz lunch was at Spinns Burgers.  I have eaten here a couple previous times. When I was riding my bike on the Bosque trail, I would park at Montano  and Coors.  Spinns was the closest for a post ride brew and burger.Another thing […]
Relections on the Wall 10-25-2018
You may ask "what wall" or ask what I an talking about.  To Vietnam Veterans, there is no confusion.  the "Wall" is the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. I wrote the following after a visit to the […]
More Boots? 10-23-2018
My new cowboy boots arrived from Boot Barn - a day early!  Usually, I do not order online things like boots.  But Boot Barn has a great return policy where I can return them if I do not want them.  There is a store just a few miles from me at Cottonwood […]
Club Coffee and ARISS 10-19-2018
Headed out for Ham Radio coffee/breakfast.  Most of those that attended were there on ther way to Valley High School to participate in the radio contact with the International Space Station.  There was on other member beside me not work the contact, I had […]
The Laguna Burger 10-19-2018
This week's "Geezer" lunch was a The Laguna Burger on 12th st near I-40.  I was not impressed.I was a little early, as usual.  Another of our group arrived aand we got in line to order our food.  This was about 12:30, the normal […]

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