Nonconform Cycling

Nonconform Cycling

Dennis Grelk (an "obsessive non-compulsive, overactive cyclist, audiophile, nerd") writes from Donnellson (in southeastern Iowa) about endurance cycling, gravel road rides, homebuilding, and human-powered vehicles.

"This is a site dedicated to the worst sort of bike nerds. The sort who eat, sleep, and dream everything bike. A few of us have even figured out how to braze and think outside the box."

Web Site: nonconformcycling.blogspot.com
Location: Donnellson, IA [map]

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Adventure by bike 10-05-2012
With the big dance of spring(TI) a week away I've been sorting through my gear again, both for standard gravel events and my multiday setup(since It's basically the same plus camp gear)* = room for weight savings or other improvementGear kit:Jandd frame pack 176g*(diy […]
Tis the season 02-08-2012
Time to get my ass in gear and make things happen. Hold tight.DG
Hawkeye Downs HPRA Sept 17/18th 08-04-2011
For those of you looking for something completely different to do in September.....http://www.bikeiowa.com/asp/calendar/Ride.asp?e=5977
Yard sale 2011 07-06-2011
Time to liquidate and fund for future adventures.http://dgyardsale.blogspot.com/DG
2011 Schedule 08-28-2011
Rough sketch(all events subject to life, love, and whatever. high priority on adventure)*Jan 2nd kccx Jan 3rdJan 9th kccx(Series 60, 30plus series winner)Jan 10thJan 16th Triple D(ski)4th skier. My hip adductors hate me.Jan 17thJan22/23 NEIAKDG(North East Iowa Kill DG training […]
TransWisconsin 07-04-2010
It's taking me a bit to get back in blog mode, so these last two posts here will be a work in progress. The raw data is here, but there is alot to think about behind that data. While all the many races this past winter and spring have had their lessons to be learned, […]
Race Schedule: Past and Present 07-04-2010
January 9th Triple D snowbike race 60miler, Dubuque IA(2nd place overall)February 1/2nd Arrowhead 135 135miles snowbike race, International Falls MN(Perfect conditions, flat tire at mile ten, rode from last place bike to tenth overall)Feb 27th Cirrem(should have taken the […]
WWMD 03-06-2010
One of the things Ford Prefect had always found hardest to understand abouthumans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the veryvery obvious, as in It's a nice day, or You're very tall, or Oh dearyou seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are […]
Triple D 01-20-2010
After doing Arrowhead last year and the Tuscobia Ultra just a few weeks before, Triple D looked to me more like a sprint event. No matter how bad the conditions, it would still be much, much easier than either of those two.As usual, Lance announced super fast conditions […]
XC ski season 01-05-2010
Everybody's doing it. Hope for snow!DG

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