Omaha-Commute is a group blog written by a number of bicycle commuters in Omaha, Nebraska.

The blog covers bike commuting news and stories from Omaha cyclists.

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oversized load 11-19-2008
Went to Lowes for some window flashing with mary and bob. Flashing came in 10' length. Fortunately, was able to hold it down with bob's bungy cord. Had the flashing start just behind my pedal stroke and it hung out the back of the bob about 5'. Should have […]
I missed a great picture 10-23-2008
As I was riding in this morning, I missed a great photo opportunity. As I passed under 72nd street on the Keystone, I noticed two small kittens curled up with each other under the bridge. They were staying warm and out of the wind and rain. It was really cute, but they […]
Bike Omaha... a new blog 10-22-2008
I've been working on a project for a few weeks to create a blog dedicated to bike related topics in Omaha and the surrounding areas. It's more of a news/get involved type blog. Have a look if your interested.If you are interested in joining the team as an author, […]
sizzler rondevu 10-11-2008
On Wednesday, Hannah and I rode from Benson down Maple to the Sizzler at 88th. From west Benson, we rode on the mostly 3 lane road to 72nd. Then hit the sidewalk b/c of the traffic and hills. Lots of non cutout curbs and on the way back, one telephone pole in the sidewalk […]
Cycling Advocacy 09-18-2008
I listen to a few bike related podcasts on a regular basis. One of them is The Spokesmen podcast. While I was catching up on older episodes I ran across one that has a section in it that talks about Bike Advocacy. I thought it might be interesting to some of you. You […]
Why wait! 09-18-2008
Or in this case, why should you NOT wait.As most of you know, I am a bike enthusiast. I like riding, I like the bike culture, I enjoy the improved health from riding, and I enjoy encouraging others that are getting started with cycling. I also like watching the bike industry […]
nice day to ride for an errand 09-16-2008
Started painting the house exterior last week. Needed more gas to mow the lawn. Combine the errands into one trip and enjoyed the ride!
Fog on the Keystone 09-16-2008
Bike and Ride (Instructions) 09-15-2008
By the end of the month ALL MAT buses in Omaha will have bike racks.HERE is a link that explains how to use them.This is a great way to make LONG bike commutes more manageable. The MAT system can also help you with east-west commuting needs since Omaha is notably challenged […]
Cycling Commercials 09-15-2008
I found the link to the following video over at Amsterdamize.

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