Padre's Cycle Inn

Padre's Cycle Inn

Padre's Cycle Inn offers tent services on a number of cycle tours across the nation (including Biking Across Kansas). The service includes complete tent set up and tear down. Your room will be waiting for you at the end of your ride day. All high quality tents, and the best, thick, air mattresses available.

In addition to the tent service, Padre's also offers chair service, which provides you a comfortable camp chair, towel service, which provides fresh, clean towels and wash cloths each day, and luggage service, so you never have to spend time looking through hundreds of bags to find yours. Padre transports all of patrons bags on their own trucks so they will be waiting when you arrive from the ride.

Padre's Cycle Inn offers a peaceful place of comfort and hospitality services, where you can really relax at the end of a day of cycling.

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Padre's Cycle Inn LLC
PO Box 104
Mexico, MO 65265
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Last Update: September 2nd, 2012