Randy & Nova's Bicycle Scrapbook

Randy & Nova's Bicycle Scrapbook

Randy and Nova live near Wichita, Kansas, and this blog covers their bicycle interests and adventures. Their interests include buying, building, and restoring kustom and classic bikes.

They also enjoy riding a variety of different trails and paths around the country including single track, rails-to-trails and paved paths. They offer ride reports and photos from the Prairie Spirit Trail, the Katy Trail, the Frisco Highline Trail, the Wabash Trace, the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, and many more throughout the nation.

Web Site: vanscyoc.net
Location: Denton, KS

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OMG! 02-26-2016
Sorry for the crudeness (in more than one way). Stuff that enters my mind and being the artist I am, I have to express it ;-) A recent encounter with a motorist made me think how insignificant I am to them.
2nd Anniversary Find 02-25-2016
Be My VELOntine Ride 02-15-2016
Yesterday we attended our club's first Be My VELOntine ride. We met up at for food and drink and deposited valentines and candy into decorated boxes we had attached to our bikes. We then rode to another bar where we emptied the contents of our boxes to see what we had […]
HD Klunker 02-12-2016
I made a simple transformation of my Schwinn Heavy Duti grocery getter in to a "klunker" for the Ratrodbikes.com Off Road Build Off. Once completed I rode it over to test it on some nearby trails which are about 5 miles away. The gearing (46x22) was pretty good […]
Dark Cloud 02-06-2016
I know these things are important to a lot of cyclist but they take the fun out of riding for me so I usually avoid them. I tend to not like things that involve numbers and especially math.
Pic Post 02-03-2016
Pic Post. Miscellaneous unrelated bicycle related photos.Continue reading "Pic Post"
Riding In The Land Of The Pink Rocks 02-02-2016
Whenever we ride a particular path in the big city we pass an adjacent wooded area upon which I notice 2 things. There appears to be dirt paths going off in to the woods and unidentified pink objects can be seen through the trees. Yesterday I decided to go check it out. […]
Bike Walk Wichita Open House 02-01-2016
Yesterday a group of us met up and rode to the opening house of Bike Walk Wichita which is a biking and walking advocacy group in the big city.
The Ride - Movie Review 01-30-2016
"Join Phil Keoghan from the hit television series "The Amazing Race" as he bike rides across America, averaging 100 miles a day. Witness Phil's ultimate journey as if you were right there with him. You will laugh, cry, and feel absolute joy." We […]
Typical Day Typical Ride 01-28-2016
aka The Sniffles Video. What my bike rides generally consist of. The destination may change but the journey is usually the same.

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