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Redd Shift is a personal blog about "One man's attempt at opting out of the total car culture by walking, busing, and cycling in Omaha, Nebraska."

Scott Redd writes that "While we are a three car family, I am trying to limit my driving to necessary trips only. I'll try to ride my bicycle for all trips within a reasonable distance around my home. This blog will explore bike commuting issues.

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Exploring Minnesota Gravel Roads, Part 2 07-08-2011
On Thursday morning, I set off just before 7am with the hopes of biking further north into Minnesota, using as many gravel roads and I could.Even through Google Street View hasn't visited a lot of the rural roads up here, I was able to virtually visit some intersections […]
Exploring Minnesota Gravel Roads, Part 1 07-05-2011
Vacationing over the Independence Day holiday and the following week, I decided to take the gravel bike out exploring the rural roads of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota near Spirit Lake / Okoboji.  Let me tell you, these roads up here do not disappoint.  […]
Bacon with a Side of Drizzle 06-26-2011
Drizzle Todd and ChrisWhile the radar and forecast didn't call for rain, there was a drizzle that hung in the air for a few hours.  This sucks for folks like me who wear glasses.  I had to wipe them off every now and again, and came close to just riding […]
Missouri River Flooding along Council Bluffs and Omaha Bike Trails 06-12-2011
Pell and I rode out Sunday morning to check out how flooding has affected bike facilities between the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in the north and the Veterans Memorial Bridge to the south.  What we found wasn't surprising, giving the history of flooding in […]
Omaha to Shenandoah for Lunch: 120 easy miles 06-06-2011
My brother and I did it in October.  Chris G. rode along for part of he trip.  If you missed out in the fall, here's your chance to give it a try.  Read the post and see the route from October. Saturday, June 18, 2011, Chris and I, and anyone […]
Let Us Not Forget 04-08-2011
I left my helmet at friend's house the other day and my fenders at home. How does one forget a helmet?  Twice, I've done it now.  It's not so hard in the cooler months when I put on a cap under my helmet.  With the snug fit and the  […]
Goodbye Fat Jeans. Hello Skinny! 01-02-2011
This post isn't exactly about cycling, but cycling plays such an important role in the subject.Two and one-half years ago I started commuting to work by bicycle to save money and to attempt to get into shape.  I enjoyed bike commuting, but also began incorporating […]
2010 Omaha Bike De'Lights 12-15-2010
The 2010 Omaha Bike De'Lights ride was Friday, December 10.Here are my photos and video from the fun event.VideosPhotos
Getting Ready for Winter 11-01-2010
For you readers in climes where it snows and ices over, I can assure you that you can, indeed, continue bike commuting through the winter. In my last post, you'll recall that I fitted some 35mm studded tires to my Trek Earl. The fit was tight, but I did seem to be […]
Lunch Anyone? Shenandoah Sounds Good. 10-14-2010
My brother, Jason, the author of his blog, Laughing Right Out Loud, is coming out for a visit next week, and I want to show him a good time.The plan is to ride Sunday, October 24, from Midtown Crossing to Shenandoah, Iowa for lunch and Coronas at El Portal, and then ride […]

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