Ride Your Bike

Ride Your Bike

Conrad writes from Lincoln, Nebraska, and he likes to ride bikes. He also likes art, cinema, music, black cats, good wine, good food, and people who ride bikes. He's an old-school roadie, but also likes urban fixed gear riding and a bit of offroad single speed fun on occasion. Most days (or nights) he can be spotted riding through downtown.

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hump day 07-27-2022
hump day 03-25-2018 map of 41.38631573553355 -95.978010892868042
it was a nice night for the OMG.  Snowdrift lane is one of the epic climbs in the Ponca Hills north of town. 42x29 barely was enough on the steep part of this road.  #OMGravel
Proto Tuesdays 07-01-2017 map of 41.2555757 -95.9310643
tooling around on the Proto.  #bianchiproto
lucky bastard 06-11-2017
who has to work early tomorrow?  i know i do, but what the heck, i went out for some beers with Harrison anyways.  he was super stoked because he recently picked up an XO-1 from another friend of ours who had been hoarding it in his basement for many years. […]
O! 05-15-2017
really enjoying this weather 05-15-2017
thursday means it's almost friday 03-09-2017 map of 41.257374 -95.937430399999982
#downtownomaha #ciclibasso
bring on halloween 10-16-2016
i hope we get more foggy nights like this... makes 3am rides home pretty cool.
magic hour discoveries 06-06-2016
just riding around on a Sunday night and saw this old firehouse (s. 27th st near downtown, by the old St. Peter's church).  #historyofomaha
sounds like chuooch part deux 09-15-2015
i recently changed the setup on the Ciocc and i'm finding that i ride it a lot more this way.  it started out as a gravel bike but with it's mid 80's sport/touring geometry it didn't seem as quick on the gravel as i wanted so then i […]

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