Rubber Side Down

Rubber Side Down

Darius is a married father of 3 who travels for work and tries to commute by bike 1-2 days a week. Darius is a recreational cyclist who is more jazzed by rain gear and lights than the latest carbon fiber dohickey.

Darius lives in Lenexa, KS. This is his personal blog.

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November? 11-01-2009
What a wonderful weekend for riding. Temps where great and the sun was out.I got in two good rides and was able to hit my yearly goal of 2000 miles today. I will have the best year of bike riding so far.
Yes, I am still here. 10-19-2009
Wow. Been a while since I have posted. The summer go away from me and combined with heavy work travel and the end of our year, I fell off the blogging bandwagon. I have continued to ride, and for those of you who followed my goals last year, my 2000 mile a year goal is […]
Allergies suck 05-31-2009
I suffer from seasonal allergies and they crop up about this time every year. This last week has been miserable and I have been having such a hard time with them this year that I haven't ridden much in the last week, nor done much else. This weekend was beautiful […]
What a day... oh crap another flat.... 05-17-2009
What a day. Twas perfect for a ride. I managed a nice 58 miler, longest to date, had a great time. Looped from my house (very western edge of Lenexa) to DeSoto, Linwood, Tonginoxie, Lawrence and back.The day started out kind of chilly. I was dressed almost perfect for […]
Bike To Work Week - Day Four - Bike Vice 05-14-2009
I was unable to ride Tuesday or Wednesday.... due to work commitments. But today... was a perfect day.Chilly start to the day but I love the crisp cool mornings. They really help get the day started well. A little bit of wind on the return trip home. I shot this around […]
Bike To Work Week - Day One 05-11-2009
Day One - Bike to Work Week 2009I got a pretty good day in to start a week that I hope will bring me 3-4 commutes. This morning, while brisk, was very pleasant and held a beautiful fog wrapped sunrise that I would show you here had I taken the camera. Shame on me.I did […]
Dark Side Ride -Success 05-09-2009
Well, its in the bag. Another successful Dark Side Ride. Ryan, Di, Kim, Dave and Terri, Gene and I headed out from Kill Creek Park for a very pleasant ride. The weather had been iffy all week and there was supposed to be rain Friday night. But, the cycling gods smiled […]
Don't tell... 04-21-2009
Snuck out for a little ride late this afternoon. It was a wonderful warm day with just a little wind. The above is Lake Mize in Lenexa. Off of Cedar Creek North of K10, West of K7. Nice little loop around the lake. Rumor has it that the fishing here is good.Did want to […]
Dark Side Ride 04-18-2009
Dark Side Ride! What a blast.I have wanted to do one of these rides since I first saw a post on Noah's excellent blog, KC Bike Commuting, about a night ride loosely associated with the full moon cycle (June Moon Ride). That one went through my riding grounds, my hood, […]
NYC in photos 04-18-2009
A couple of bike related photos from my recent NYC business trip. I would have loved to get out on a bike in the traffic. Ok, so the last one isn't really bike related... or is it?

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