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Polished rants, fervent opinionation, vibrant liquidity, cheap sportcoats, strong coffee, beer, punk rock & cycling. CommuterDude's blog is the source for bicycle commuters & hopeless mileage hogs everywhere.

Keith Gates writes from Johnson County in a rambling, stream-of-consciousness style about commuting, ultra-cycling, and various other obsessions.

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It's not a question of "if" . . . 08-07-2019
A very safety-conscious boss of boss looked me dead in the eye and said, "on safety, it's not a matter of "if" you'll get hit by a car; it's a matter of "when."Taking the onion back an extra layer, this message was not delivered […]
One more year . . . 05-23-2019
   Upon realizing how long it has been since I posted ANYthing in these pages, seeing a well-timed Facebook throwback, and the resulting recent revisit to a post I wrote a decade ago --- well, interestingly, NOTHING lately has inspired me to ride […]
Guest post - The Mac & Cheese 1,200km Grand Randonee 09-12-2018
     Randonneuring is all about pushing one's limits and exploring far-off places... and a lot of our local randonneurs have made very good on those goals this year - as they do each year.One such event was the recent Mac-&-Cheese […]
Summer 2018 - An Exercise in Brevity 08-26-2018
I'm not about to go on a 25,000 word rant... And yet, here I am again.In our modern, truncated world of social media and short attention spans, here I still am.I won't get into my disenfranchisement with social media... because I still put stuff out there, […]
Milepost 1445 08-09-2018
via IFTTT:Full selfie from yesterday's ride home, hopefully to-be-featured on our corporate wellness vendor's annual calendar. Working to get more awareness for commuters and the benefits of riding to work! #rideyourbike #commuteharder #milepost1445https://ift.tt/2OopVyO […]
Milepost 1445 08-02-2018
via IFTTT:Built in 1932, the Pottawatomie Creek bridge on old K-7, with The Rando Bros. @tri11ionaire & @evans6302 on tempo, dawn patrol, Left of Centerville 200km permanent, 7/27/18. #rideyourbike #AudaxKC #bridgehunter #milepost1445https://ift.tt/2vuxLzq
Milepost 1445 08-01-2018
via IFTTT:Happiness is an old barn at sunrise. From the Left of Centerville 200k, 7/27/18 #barnhunter #rideyourbike #milepost1445https://ift.tt/2KgIGSC
Milepost 1445 07-30-2018
via IFTTT:The old US-69 sentinel remains. Its smaller twin to the south, sadly, looks to have been replaced; so, not sure how much longer this guy will be here. On Ungenhour Rd. near K-52. #bridgehunter #rideyourbike #milepost1445 #AudaxKChttps://ift.tt/2mRmaX7
Milepost 1445 07-28-2018
via IFTTT:Gettin' after it in the early hours, on the road to Centerville. 200km permanent, 7/27/18, with The Rando Bros. & Terry B. #AudaxKC #rideyourbike #milepost1445 @tri11ionaire @evans6302https://ift.tt/2LQHwSM
Milepost 1445 07-11-2018
via IFTTT:The faces of Randonneuring. Terry B. and me, from the June 29th 207km ride. Approaching 95F in the shade, 35 miles to go, at Luther's, Leroy, KS. July ride is only gonna be worse. #rideyourbike #RUSA #milepost1445 #AudaxKChttps://ift.tt/2KZKZh9

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