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Polished rants, fervent opinionation, vibrant liquidity, cheap sportcoats, strong coffee, beer, punk rock & cycling. CommuterDude's blog is the source for bicycle commuters & hopeless mileage hogs everywhere.

Keith Gates writes from Johnson County in a rambling, stream-of-consciousness style about commuting, ultra-cycling, and various other obsessions.

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The Horizon Gets Closer 08-05-2021
Yep yep ... it's been pretty quiet on this site for a long time; but more content is on the horizon.  For now, we're still out there writing a great story.How 'bout you?The view from Signal Oak, 7/5/2021 
Spring Training 07-21-2021
 I write this with a great deal of hope for the new year, as it seems the headwinds are ... slowly ... shifting toward a better outlook.  While it might be another full 12-months before we're truly back to "normal" (whatever that looks like), […]
Getting the Best Out of the Worst 07-13-2021
Welcome to 2021 ...But, before we get all wistful and begin predictions on how great this year will be, I just want to take a breath and hope for a second that we're all not just fooling ourselves.  2020 taught me a LOT, and even if "normal" is never […]
Another End-Of-Summer ...er, Fall... Post 11-13-2020
... But, this time it's 2020 ...  (sigh)I'm not going to say much about it here.  Why add to the noise?  Until this whole thing blows over, I'm basically sticking to my original plans to limit contact with people as much as possible.  It's […]
A 200km Tale: Flirting with Disaster ... again ... and Lessons for Long-Distance Cycling's New Landscape. 06-18-2020
  More than a photo dump from a recent big ride, this post hopefully serves as a personal list of do's and don'ts for any of my future events in this "new world" we live in these days.  Little doubt exists that ... sigh, do I HAVE to […]
What We Can - and Should - Do. 03-21-2020
Some of this is echoed in social media already, but expanded-upon and revised, so give it a read - even if you already have recently:I'm trying to avoid typing any buzzwords here - that's not the sort of click-bait sorta stuff I'm into; but, if you're […]
In Appreciation of Permanents 03-23-2020
For those in the RUSA circle, we all know about the "accident" and "lawsuit" - and today, because of the difficulty in obtaining insurance, the RUSA permanents program, of which I had been a frequent flyer and had stacked up five R-12 awards through its […]
It's not a question of "if" . . . 03-23-2020
A very safety-conscious boss of boss looked me dead in the eye and said, "on safety, it's not a matter of "if" you'll get hit by a car; it's a matter of "when."Taking the onion back an extra layer, this message was not delivered […]
One more year . . . 05-23-2019
   Upon realizing how long it has been since I posted ANYthing in these pages, seeing a well-timed Facebook throwback, and the resulting recent revisit to a post I wrote a decade ago --- well, interestingly, NOTHING lately has inspired me to ride […]
Guest post - The Mac & Cheese 1,200km Grand Randonee 09-12-2018
     Randonneuring is all about pushing one's limits and exploring far-off places... and a lot of our local randonneurs have made very good on those goals this year - as they do each year.One such event was the recent Mac-&-Cheese […]

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