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Polished rants, fervent opinionation, vibrant liquidity, cheap sportcoats, strong coffee, beer, punk rock & cycling. CommuterDude's blog is the source for bicycle commuters & hopeless mileage hogs everywhere.

Keith Gates writes from Johnson County in a rambling, stream-of-consciousness style about commuting, ultra-cycling, and various other obsessions.

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Retrospec... what the heck is that? 06-17-2017
This has probably been a really long time coming, so better late than never.A few years back I had some Dirty Kanza aspirations, but no bike.  Alas, I've been ever fond of the concept of under-biking ... the smile on my face in some of the […]
Leavenworth - Oregon - Leavenworth 300k: "This is what we do." 04-14-2017
"The weather (and route) is what it is.  You can either handle it, or you can't."   - Les StroudI chose to preface this post with this simple, and one of my favorite, quotes; said at least a decade ago during one of my favorite episodes of […]
Getting up to speed 03-28-2017
SO, I can't just NOT post anything, right?Okay, maybe… with a return to the rigors of academia I'm effectively getting the creative life squeezed out of me, but, occasionally I suppose inspiration will strike. For now, I'm filling in some big, big gaps - […]
The Cost of Admission 02-05-2017
Cycling is a terrific pastime.  The spirit of adventure and freedom which surround the bicycle have inspired generations of innovation and advancement for the bicycle itself and for items surrounding it.  The impact the bicycle has inspired is practically […]
Year-end and a new commuting challenge! 12-23-2016
   It's only been two months since my token post about baggage, or whatever that was... so, I figured it was good time to wrap things up for 2016, and put a big fat bow on things.  Life has been busy, however, I've managed to get more […]
What ever happened to those fancy bags? 10-29-2016
Something about the crunch of fall leaves and the need to pack an extra layer or two for brisk fall mornings brings me back to cycling baggage.  Those fast summertime brevets with the tiny repair-kit seat bag and empty jersey pockets are slipping away... time to […]
The Summer Retrospective ... gone? 10-02-2016
  The massive, 20,000-words-or-so post with the full summer retrospective and ride reports dating from June suffered an accidental deletion this morning, and after some rather frantic and unsuccessful clipboard recovery and cache scouring attempts, I simply don't […]
On Commuting 08-18-2016
My rhymes and structure and meter aren't greatbut I know how I feel, so, I'll lay it out straight.The alarm sounds.  It's dark, .......but the coffee is hot.  The daily decision - to drive, or to not.Zip up the […]
Milepost 1445 - Short Posts from the Open Road 09-10-2016
Yeah, 125 miles of hot, dusty Kansas gravel will absolutely ruin your chain lube game.From Instagram via IFTTT& Twitter (@RUSAdude)
Milepost 1445 - Short Posts from the Open Road 07-25-2016
The trophy wall gleams with this, from Thursday's KCUC Belgian National Day Ride. Hard-earned: 115°F heat index, a blocked stomach and the beginnings of a summer cold that may finally be letting go at this writing. Thanks to Josh and David for a great day out, and […]

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