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Steve Tilford is a legend in the world of cycling, being a two-time Master World Mountain Bike Champion, a member of the US National Team from 1980 to 1986, a 1983 National Off-Road Biking Association title holder, a six-time National Cyclocross Champion, and a member of the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.

Steve Tilford resides in Topeka, Kansas. This is his personal blog.

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Trek USA report-Superweek, Ect. 07-13-2006
3 wins for TREK in 24 hours 07/14/2006 – Three Trek Wins in 24 HoursRacing is a strange game. Oftentimes, no matter how much talent, dedication and hard work is expended, things just don’t work out. However, sometimes they do and in the course of one 24 hour […]
Chihuahua International, Mexico UCI 2.2 10-17-2006
Thought I’d go to Mexico and get some fitness for the upcoming Cyclo-X season. Little did I know that much of the race was over 8000 ft. altitude. I hate altitude. Finally got some form the last couple stages. Results are below. Vuelta Chihuahua Internacional – […]
Granogue Cyclocross – (C1) Mid-Atlantic Verge 10-24-2006
Got back from Mexico and decided to fly out to the East coast to see how fast everyone is going in X. Thought I might get a couple UCI points for Portland. Had to line up a fair ways back,with no UCI points, thus had a mediocre start. Hooked up with Todd Wells for a […] […]
Tour of Southland-New Zealand 11-13-2006
Completed the 27 hour total travel time trip to Invercargill, NZ, for the third time, to race the Tour of Southland. It is supposed to be late spring there, but being so far South, (jumping off point for Antartica) the weather conditions are always the challenge. This years […]
Jingle Cross Rock- Iowa City 12-01-2006
Kind of tweeked from the UCI races on the West coast last weekend and all the travel back from New Zealand, but can’t pass up a big money, well run cyclo-x in the midewest. A two day race in it’s 2nd year with the biggest prize list of any cyclo-x in the US. […]
Kansas State Cyclo-X Championships 12-12-2006
Big change of weather in just one week. Last weekend it was in the 20’s, this Sunday nearly 60. Decided to race because it was too windy to train, plus it was the State Championships. I’ve been feeling alittle under the weather the last week, so thought some […]
US National Cyclo-X Championships Weekend-Friday 12-16-2006
I arrived in Providence, Rhode Island, Thursday, the day before the Master’s race on Friday. I am racing all three days, with the Elite race on Saturday the focus. The course is nearly exactly the same as last year, minus the snow and ice. I’ve kind of been a […]
Cyclo-X Nationals Elite Race-Saturday 12-18-2006
Can’t say things went as planned for ‘Cross Nationals on Saturday. Somehow I had enough UCI points to line up on the 2nd row, which is way better than I thought. I had looked forward to riding in the front group . I totally screwed up the start and pulled my […]
Cross Nationals-Stage 3, California Giant Strawberries Cup, Sunday Revenge Race 12-18-2006
Last year I experienced it, but this year confirms it. Cyclo-X stage racing is hard. It’s the third race in 3 days, with a bunch of standing around before and after the races. It’s hard not watching the races when you’re a bike racing fan. Anyway, they […]
New Year Ramblings 01-12-2007
Happy New Year. I thought I’d better add some content to this even though nothing much has gone on since Cross Nationals. I added a web counter that monitors web hits etc. and I’m starting to feel guilty about everyone checking back here with nothing new posted. […]

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