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Steve Tilford is a legend in the world of cycling, being a two-time Master World Mountain Bike Champion, a member of the US National Team from 1980 to 1986, a 1983 National Off-Road Biking Association title holder, a six-time National Cyclocross Champion, and a member of the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.

Steve Tilford resides in Topeka, Kansas. This is his personal blog.

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Little Short of Time 03-27-2017
Gotta make this short.  I have a MRI scheduled for 8:45 this morning.  Actually, more accurately, Stacie has a MRI scheduled for me at 8:45.  I was having some trouble doing it all on my own.  I left Moab and drove to California to do it.  I have a few things to do […]
Lovin’ Riding More 03-26-2017
I really like riding my bicycle.  I thought about this after I saw an article quoting Bradley Wiggins where he said, when asked if he missed cycling – No. As much as I love cycling, it's come full circle and I hate the thing now. I haven't been on the bike […]
Making Space Climbing 03-25-2017
The first year I went to Europe, the first race I did on the US National Team was the Tour of Vaucluse.  It was a pretty big pro/am race, with some of the best pros in the world racing mainly again the best guys from the USSR.  I was just there to learn and spectate. […] […]
Plugging Tires 03-24-2017
I’ve been sort of following the Cape Epic this year.  I know a couple people riding the race, plus I have it in the back of my mind I might do it sometime eventually. I saw that Christoph Sauser and his team mate, Jaroslav Kulhavy, had some flat tire problems and […]
Tylenol / Acetaminophen – The Next Tramadol? 03-23-2017
The is an article at Cycling Today about a study at The University of Kent that had results that said that taking acetaminophen decreased times in 10 mile time trials by 30 seconds.  That is a pretty large number. The results of this study and one other, said that the acetaminophen […]
Fake News??? What to Believe??? – Helmets 03-22-2017
I got an email from “a reader”, which was someone I don’t know, that had some conflicting views about illegal immigration.  He sent me a link to a Fox News story about percentages of serious crimes done by illegal immigrate. I responded giving a couple […]
MTB Design and Preferences 03-21-2017
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not at the forefront on knowledge of all the “new designs” of MTB’s.  I only race them a few times a year and most of the races that I do you could get by on a MTB from the 1990’s.  The longer, not […]
St. George Utah / Porcupine Rim Issues 03-20-2017
That is where I’m at.  Vincent has some computer work to do here this week.  St. George is an interesting town. I’ve only been here once, for a day, so I didn’t get the lay of it much.  But, I’m sure I will now. We drove here yesterday.  I didn’t […]
Milan San-Remo Final 03-19-2017
Bicycle racing is a very beautiful sport many times.  Yesterday’s finish of Milan San-Remo was great.  Below is a video that doesn’t show the work that Peter Sagan did the last 5 point something kms.  He “deserved” to win the race.  But, that […]
Milan San-Remo Today / Pretty Sore 03-18-2017
Milan San-Remo is this morning.  The earliest live video is 7:30 CST.  All the fireworks tend to happen towards the end of the race, so you don’t need to worry about missing something if you can’t watch it early.  Odds say Sagan wins.  I would take the rest […]

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