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Steve Tilford is a legend in the world of cycling, being a two-time Master World Mountain Bike Champion, a member of the US National Team from 1980 to 1986, a 1983 National Off-Road Biking Association title holder, a six-time National Cyclocross Champion, and a member of the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.

Steve Tilford resides in Topeka, Kansas. This is his personal blog.

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Not So Great 10-22-2016
Hi guys.  I finally opened my computer to try to write a post, so bare with me.  I’m not so cognizant for very long periods, so I kind of loose focus, or thought process pretty easily right now. It’s been 8 days since I crashed and smashed my skull. I can’t […]
Home recovering 10-20-2016
No Visiting, Calling, Texting, Emailing, Trudi or Steve PLEASE! It’s still me, Vincent, I am not wanting to start a new post every day but Steve is  home now and it seems like a good time to start a new post. I’ll probably update this post for a few days before […]
In Hospital 10-15-2016
Vincent here: As some of you may have heard, Steve suffered a head injury yesterday (Friday) evening. Bill Stolte was also injured. I will post updates as I get them and until Steve is able to return to the keyboard. Please respect the difficult time Steve and Trudi are […]
Hard to Believe it is Friday Again 10-14-2016
It is funny how fast weeks are going this Fall.  I’m not sure why that is, but it is, at least for me. This week has went fast, even though I was draggin’. I’m heading back to the doctor this morning at 9 am.  On Wednesday, he sucked a big syringe of […]
Bus Rides 10-13-2016
On the post I did a couple days ago, on list of things I don’t like, I was pondering about including taking buses.  I couldn’t do it.  I don’t mind buses.  Actually, I sort of like taking buses. I like watching the world go by at a car’s speed, […]
Knee Surgery ??? 10-12-2016
I’m not being an alarmist here, but I’ve been thinking about this for a hour or so and am becoming a bit worried.  I woke up this morning with a big swollen knee.  Last night it was a little sore and now it is way, way more sore, swollen and hot. I called my […]
Things I don’t Like 10-11-2016
I don’t like rust.  It ruins so much nice stuff.  And once it becomes rust, the stuff is horrible for skin.  Working on a car with rust is not very rewarding. I don’t like ticks.  I actually hate ticks.  Ticks are my least favorite bugs, by a factor of 10. […]
Come On – Our Election is Embarrassing our Country 10-10-2016
If I have learned one thing about doing this over time is that it isn’t wise to address a few subjects that are taboo/divisive.  These subjects are the big ones – gun control, abortion, and of course, politics. I say I’ve learned this, but can’t […]
Sunday is TTT Worlds 10-08-2016
Tomorrow morning, fairly early, is the start of the UCI World Championships in Dohan, Qatar.  At around 7 am EST, the women’s TTT is going to be going on.  Then later on after that, at around 8:20, the men teams will start.  Unless you subscribe to the UCI channel […]
Bikes that You Can’t Fix 10-08-2016
Do you ever think that bikes are getting way too complicated?  I do.  One that that nags at me, nearly all the time, in the back of my mind, is having bikes that might be impossible to fix on the fly. This is post mainly is focused on my dual suspension MTB, but you could […]

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