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Steve Tilford is a legend in the world of cycling, being a two-time Master World Mountain Bike Champion, a member of the US National Team from 1980 to 1986, a 1983 National Off-Road Biking Association title holder, a six-time National Cyclocross Champion, and a member of the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.

Steve Tilford resides in Topeka, Kansas. This is his personal blog.

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Charlie Craig – Such a Tragedy 01-24-2017
Nick Craig’s son, Charlie, died in his sleep last Friday night.  It is a terrible loss for Nick and his family. I’ve known Nick for a long time.  Probably since I first started travelling internationally for MTB racing.  Nick is an all around good guy and […]
America First ! 01-23-2017
What is that all about?  The guy has lost his mind.  That was a pretty depressing inauguration speech. I think we have become a much richer country because we opened our borders by buying and selling products internationally.  Not now, as of today. I acknowledge, up front, […]
Cyclocross – One Race Left Now 01-22-2017
Today was the final World Cup cyclocross.  Now there is only the World Championships next week.  Funny how sometimes the season feels so long, then the next time it seems to fly by. Probably not the case for the guys training through the end of January for the Worlds next […]
Lance and Company Racing in Tucson 01-20-2017
I saw a few days ago that Lance and some of his old Postal Service team mates are racing the 24 Hour Old Pueblo MTB Race in Tucson in a few weeks.  The article said that Lance, George Hincapie, Christian Vande Velde and Dylan Casey have put together a team. I think the […]
Heading back South 01-19-2017
We are sort of packed up and are heading back south to Kansas today.  I didn’t realize I had a doctor’s appointment, plus a super good friend’s mom died and she and her family are flying in tonight.  So it is time to go. It’s not all bad.  The […]
Bald Eagles 01-18-2017
When I was skiing yesterday,  I saw a bald eagle flying over me.  That struck me as weird because I thought eagles migrated with birds or whatever their food supply is.  It is obviously winter, and winter in Northern Wisconsin is really winter. So I came back and looked […]
Cross Country Skiing is Hard-ish 01-17-2017
I have been a bit apprehensive about actually putting on skis and trying it out this year.  Since cracking my skull, I can’t say that I’ve had the best balance.  It is way better now than it was even a month ago, but still, it isn’t up to my standards. […]
Amanda Coker, Bionic Woman? 228 mile average per day for 246 days 01-16-2017
Last year, right around cyclocross Natz time, Kurt Searvogel, broke the distance record for cycling in a year.  He rode a tad over 76000 miles.  76076 to be exact.   But that record is under siege. Down in Florida, Amanda Coker is riding her bike everyday.  Like all […]
Wout Van Aert’s Motorized World Cup Bike? 01-15-2017
I saw the video below on Facebook.  It was a from a corner at the World Cup today in Italy of Wout Van Aert running a technical section of the race.  The video is short and it initially looks like the his rear wheel accelerates on its own when it leaves the ground. Obviously, […]
The World is Changing 01-15-2017
The last 100 years or so have been pretty impressive if you’re a human.  So much has changed.  The whole world is mobile now as long as you have the money to pay for it.  And many, many more people  have the money now. I saw this article about how researchers have […]

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