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Steve Tilford is a legend in the world of cycling, being a two-time Master World Mountain Bike Champion, a member of the US National Team from 1980 to 1986, a 1983 National Off-Road Biking Association title holder, a six-time National Cyclocross Champion, and a member of the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.

Steve Tilford resides in Topeka, Kansas. This is his personal blog.

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Steve Tilford Eulogy 04-26-2017
The following eulogy was delivered April 23rd at the Celebration of Steve Tilford’s Life in Lawrence, KS by cyclist and blogger Seth Davidson. The day that Steve died, I checked my phone when I got up at 5:00 AM West Coast time. There was a message from my Illinois […]
USA Cycling Establishes Steve Tilford Memorial Fund 04-22-2017
Steve loved the purity of life, the true honest beautiful moments. Cycling filled this passion. Steve knew he was blessed to have the opportunity to ride and race the roads of the world. With the Steve Tilford Memorial Fund, we will continue to support Steve's passion […]
Toasting the Life of Steve Tilford 04-11-2017
Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of kind words and memories. Steve is my everything. Now I realize how special he was to all of you. We are blessed to have Steve in our hearts. ❤️️ Trudi Let’s come together for the evening! An evening to share our memories […]
Drivin’ Through the Desert 04-04-2017
Heading East.  Kind of later than I had thought, but that is a good thing.  Little short of time.  I’m going through Las Vegas to drop off some stuff to a friend, Jed Schneider, hopefully.  Then to St. George Utah.  Vincent has some work there, so he was trying […]
Robin Carpenter Wins Joe Martin (In the Rain) 04-03-2017
I wish I would have been in Fayetteville yesterday,  just watch the criterium at Joe Martin.  I’m not up to racing a criterium in the rain, but the race really interests me. First, I need to state categorically, that I don’t like racing criteriums in the rain. […]
100 Miles Gravel Day Yesterday 04-02-2017
Yesterday was the Gravelluer’s Raid back in Kansas.  This is the 3rd year for the event and it is super fun.  It is a 100 miles and hilly.  Yesterday it was a bit chilly, but everyone I was in contact with had a good time.  And they were very tired. My team mate, […]
Switching Disciplines 04-01-2017
Okay, yesterday I probably wasn’t being completely truthful.  I do take into account getting hurt riding and racing bicycles.  I thought about it a bunch the last 24 hours and have decided I can’t handle the possibilities and inevitable results of constantly […]
Injury is a part of Racing 03-31-2017
Yep, it is a fact, that if you race bikes long enough then you are going to be injured.  How injured depends on a long list of things.  On the top of that list I would say luck would have to reside. Having good luck when it comes to getting injured is key.  No question […]
Missing Racing 03-30-2017
This weekend there are a couple races that I would normally be doing.  I’m missing it.  But I understand that it isn’t quite the right time to be doing them. The first one is the Gravelluer’s Raid, a 100 mile gravel race in Lawrence Kansas.  I’ve […]
Tour of Flanders Media 03-29-2017
I like to hear the rider’s views on their specific form and thoughts about upcoming races, but the new way that these guys talk seems a little weird to me.  There seems to be way more confidence exuded when maybe there should be a little more modesty during the interviews. […]

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