The Early Morning Cyclist

The Early Morning Cyclist

Mark writes from Kansas City, Missouri about his "sojourn into saving and riding vintage bicycles".

Bicycling, like walking, is to me a better way to explore my world. Travel by planes, trains, and automobiles leaves me with the feeling of a tenuous connection -- at best -- to places and people and events. Too, the mode of two-wheeled transportation has a magnetic pull on me; the simplicity and elegance of bicycle mechanics and mechanisms reminds me of the journey... and for me, the journey begins long before I pedal out of the driveway. I think it starts when I catch a glimmer of forgotten chrome under calendar-marked layers of grime, and I think to myself, "Hmm ... I wonder what I've got here?"

Web Site: marksbikes.wordpress.com
Location: Kansas City, MO [map]

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Last Update: September 2nd, 2012