The Kim West Radio Cycling Show

The Kim West Radio Cycling Show

The Kim West Radio Cycling Show is a weekly radio program on KXNO AM 1460 in Des Moines, Iowa. The show covers all aspects of cycling, including amateur and professional racing, safety and advocacy, and recreational bicycling, with a special focus on Iowa events. The show has a devoted local following, as well as fans from all over who listen to the podcast version.

The show is hosted by Kim West, who is a tireless bicycling advocate and promoter, a longtime RAGBRAI rider, and an accomplished bicycle racer, racing since 1983 and currently riding at Cat 1 level for the All9Yards Cycling Team. He's the 2009 Midwest Marathon Gravel Road Race Grand Master Champion, and earned Iowa's 50+ Age Group Rider of the Year award in 2009.

Kim West was interviewed on Kansas Cyclist Podcast Episode 14.

Web Site: kxno.com
Location: Des Moines, IA [map]

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#95-cars vs bikes, part whatever... 02-21-2010
i am joined by moose and bsox, the hosts of a morning radio show on LAZER 103.3, to continue talking about how best to have cars and bikes really share the road.
#94-a junior, a pro, & a NUT CASE?? 02-14-2010
SO SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY IN POSTING THIS PODCAST!! but here it is: up-and-coming des moines junior racer TYLER RUSHING talks about his plans for 2010, as does pro cyclist TIM FARNHAM. we might be paid a visit from LAZR 103.3 morning jock BSOX to explain how he REALLY […]
#93-4 juniors look to 2010 & beyond 01-31-2010
i speak with four junior bicyclists from central iowa--vance fletcher, theo loo, rory loo, & dana loo--about their careers so far, their winter training efforts, and their goals for 2010 and beyond.
#92 - an hour with "the explainer" 01-24-2010
we spend what i hope will be the first of many episodes with charles pelkey, a guy who, like me, has done a whole lot of different stuff during his life. we'll be talking about some of them tonight, and in weeks to come. check him out at velonews; he's "the […]
#91 - TOM ZIRBEL 01-17-2010
i spend the hour talking with pro cyclist tom zirbel, discussing a remarkable year that has--thus far--resulted not only in some of the best results of his career, but also to a screeching halt that may--may--delay or prevent him from making that big leap to the european […]
#90-JASON McCARTNEY & PRC bike show 01-10-2010
just days from the start of the 2010 professional cycling team, i talk with jason mccartney, arguably one of the country's most successful professional cyclists. back in the johann bruneel/lance armstrong stable, jason leaves for australia for the tour down under on […]
#89 - i KNEW this was gonna happen! 01-03-2010
an intro to psychi suz's appearance NEXT week, and a whole lot about other stuff. would you believe a lot of stuff about a FEW other things? how about a half-hour about not much?
#88 - tyler hamilton, part 2 12-27-2009
we continue talking with tyler hamilton, one of the best and most talked-about cyclists of the day. we continue talking about tyler's struggles with depression, and how it affected the course--and conclusion--of his professional cycling career. will we actually get […]
#87- an hour with eddy gragus 12-20-2009
as we wind down our observance of zappadan 2009, celebrating the life, death, music and words of frank zappa, we are honored to have eddy gragus as our guest. eddy has lived a life of cycling, from riding to high school and chasing a collegiate racing team to find out what […]
#86- a word about zappadan 12-13-2009
a gas leak and the vagaries of the schedule of professional cyclists results in a show that is, frankly, thin.

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