The Life of LeLan

The Life of LeLan

LeLan Dains blogs about cycling and mountain bikes from Emporia, Kansas.

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Arizona Sun 02-24-2012
This is a look over "24 Town." The makeshift gypsy village that results from the thousands of racers and spectators that descend upon this tract of desert land for the 24 hours of Old Pueblo. I had thought that 24 hour racing was dying. And in fairness it still […]
Just Training 02-08-2012
Not much to report here. Just a lot of training. A lot of watching friends back home racing. Certainly giving me the itch to go race. In fact, it might just be enough to spur a small group of Coloradoans to make a drive down to Texas for Mellow Johnny's. We'll […]
Yep, I'm back 01-11-2012
Ok, I won't start in with the why I've been absent for a few months. It just got easy being an observer and following along with what everyone else has been doing. So, let me give you a quick update of the past few months in case you didn't already know. […]
Game on! 09-29-2011
Hey everybody! I hope you are still dead set on putting some fat tires (or shoes) on the dirt this weekend. The 5k trail run and mtb race is set to go. The weather is perfect, for mountain biking, not for cross. In case you guys forgot, cross racing is meant for the winter. […]
Race Updates 08-30-2011
Ok, here is some much awaited details on the race. But, don't you worry, we are still a good 5 weeks out and planning is coming along nicely. This will certainly be a race that you will not want to miss out on! Date: Saturday Oct 1st - IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain […]
Save the Date!!! 07-25-2011
** Check riverfrontmtbrace.blogspot.com for updated info **I know what you are thinking, "but LeLan, You said the same thing earlier this year and didn't pull through with the Camp Alexander Race." While that is true, I couldn't bear to host our race […]
Briefly 06-26-2011
I'll give you a small taste of the happenings today. I just haven't posted lately so I wanted to at least give you something. I was able to take the age group win and that also meant I was the KS State Champ 19-29. I was pretty pleased with that, but I did have […]
Ants in my pants 06-19-2011
Well, maybe not in my pants, but they were in my helmet! Jed's as well. Apparently we ran over an ant hill and flung ants all over ourselves. These little buggers were vicious too. They were definitely of the flesh eating variety of ant. In fact, Jed […]
Training Wheels 06-16-2011
Maybe training wheels are needed. But, after reading race reports from the MO State Championships it sounds like I was in good company. Maybe I will learn how to keep it upright. But, as a wise man once told me (my pops) "if you ain't crashing, you ain't trying."Just […]
Bike for sale!!! 06-13-2011
First things first, I wanted to share a little action from Dandy Randy's Racecourse. This baby rides like a roller coaster and is so much fun! Jed came out and shared in the splendor with me. It was sure nice to have someone to share in the joy! I know, endless Flint […]

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