The Midwest Bicycle Commuter

The Midwest Bicycle Commuter

The Midwest Bicycle Commuter is a personal blog written by Clayton Broyles, a high school English teacher living in Ottawa, Kansas:

This is a blog which recounts the experiences of a middle age guy in the midwest who has made a goal to ride his bicycle to work everyday for a year. It won't be too technical, but instead will provide some perspective on commuting by bicycle in the Midwest as well as relaying a smattering of thoughts, experiences, opinions, and philosophy about it and other random topics.

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Like a lion 03-04-2014
It's the fourth day of March! If you wanted to get some February riding in, well, it's just too darned late. It's the perfect time to want to get some good March riding in, though. That's the good news. I rode to school today, of course. I was fortunate […]
Some pix 02-24-2014
My youngest going along in the "wee-ride". Well, at least one courageous reader commented a long time ago they'd like to see some pictures in addition to the "wonderfully descriptive and engaging writing" (I quoted myself there!).  So, I […]
I'm scared to look... 02-24-2014
I'm scared to look at how it's been since I last updated the Midwest Bicycle Commuter. I'd like to claim I haven't updated lately because I've been out on adventures across the U.S. bicycle camping, but I haven't. Truth be told, I haven't […]
Who are we? 10-03-2013
Who are we? That's an existential question if I've ever heard one! What I mean by positing that question is, who are we who ride bicycles? The reason I ask is I want to know if cyclists are second rate citizens and do we have a good idea when we ride bikes? I recognize […]
Slippery when wet 09-20-2013
Sorry to disappoint you, but this will not be a recap of a bicycle crash upon wet pavement. The title is a cliche' attempt at catching readers' attention. The much less exciting account of a bike ride, unrelated to anything in the title excepting the "wet" […]
A career in the bicycle industry 09-16-2013
Good Monday to you. May I request your help in finding a new career in the bicycle industry? If you know some people that could help me out, please inform me. I'm interested. I am ready to move my family where there a perceived benefits to cyclists in the form of driver […]
Another Friday the 13th is almost gone 09-13-2013
As usual, I've been commuting to work by bicycle. As usual, I've been wearing my fluorescent, reflective work vest for visibility, and also a pair of fluorescent, reflective work gloves. It's getting darker in the morning so that I use my blinking white light […]
Cycle commuting: the lonely post 09-01-2013
Yes. I continue to remain "The Midwest Bicycle Commuter" even in my hiatus from updating this blog. I have never stopped being "The Midwest Bicycle Commuter", though I have recently left this post unattended. Last year, while I didn't write about […]
Rattlle, rattle, shake 04-26-2012
Well, brick streets look very pretty, but they are not much  good for bicycles. I'm sure that's nothing new to any of you out there. I was reminded of it last Saturday when I had a pretty good head of steam up descending a gradual grade and turned left […]
Again witht the absence! 04-17-2012
Well this entry is long overdue. That goes without saying. So, then, one may ask, why say it? Good question. I don't have a good reason for stating the obvious, other than it's a ploy I often administer to cover up the fact that I'm stalling for something […]

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