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Trails Have Our Respect

Trails Have Our Respect (T.H.O.R.) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to developing and maintaining sustainable off-road recreational trails in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, through partnerships with local land managers and trail users, by providing expertise, manpower and resources.

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ttfs 24 inch to 6 inch proposal 08-10-2012
ttfs 24 inch First drawing is aerial view of 24 inch wide ladder, 48 feet long for riding end to end. Second drawing is a side view of the three 16 feet sections which are 6 inches, 10 inches, and 14 inches high. Third drawing shows simple progressive pattern of ttfs: […]
BYOK MTB DAY 10/8 09-13-2011
To celebrate National Bring a Kid Mountain Biking Day, THOR is hosting an event at Swanson Park on October 8. Bring your kids, their bikes and helmets and plan a few hours to play outdoors. FREE for everyone. No need to register. Just show up and have fun! (Parents will […]
Heads up at tranquility 08-25-2011
Heads up at tranquilityThe inner loop climb got hammered pretty hard by the last storm. Deep ruts and washouts are pretty bad on the top 1/2 of the climb and the descent is rutted as well. I'm going to work on re-routing some of the problem areas in the near future. […]
Blue line at tranq is open for business! 08-15-2011
Join us at 6 at the fort st trailhead for an evaluation ride of the revamped blue line at tranquility. If all flows well, the section will remain open as work continues. Thanks for all that stayed off the section during it rebuild. I'd recommend taking it easy the first […]
THOR to sponsor Fun Run 08-12-2011
To get to know our ever-increasing two-legged trail users, THOR is sponsoring a fun run/walk on Thursday, Sept 8, at Tranquilty Park. Start time is 6 p.m. We'll have different level leaders depending on the level of participants. Expect to run/walk 30-45 minutes and […]
Tranquility -blue section on north descent still closed 08-10-2011
Just a reminder...The blue section on the north hill descent at Tranquility is still CLOSED! Even if the debris blocking the trail is gone, the section is NOT OPEN for riding. If you ride by this section and the branches are moved, i'd appreciate you putting them back. […]
Tranquility - Temp closed blue section on north descent 07-24-2011
I closed the blue section on the north hill descent today to continue working on it. If things go well, i'm hoping to have it open again by mid August. Had a chat with a designer on the berms and i am going to give his ideas a shot...The berms that a roughed in are […]
calvin crest reroute and signage 07-17-2011
This was the reason for the reroute.Besides saving all that sawing, the reroute stays on higher ground at the bottom of the bluff, skipping the muddy areas and the higher plant growth. Had a mtb camp out there for middle schoolers last week and one of the sessions was putting […]
Tranquility Trail Day July 2nd 8-10am 06-28-2011
Hey Folks,We are having another trail day at Tranquility to finish up the tread work that didn't make it last Sunday. Meet at the Fort Street trailhead, we will work the south hill climb and the prairie from 8 till 10am to beat the heat of the day. We will have some […]
Great Trail Day at Tranquility 06-26-2011
Had a group of 15 out to Tranquility today to get the trail ready to race. Around 30 hours for the group and another 8 hours for Dale and Tigger. The trail is all clear of downed trees, the canopy was raised and the re-routes are fully cut in and ready. Had a couple of groups […]

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