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Put In Our Place?

Pittsburg, Kansas is building a 1.5-mile multi-use path to connect the Pittsburg State University campus to local shopping and entertainment, and an article in the Pittsburg Morning Sun reports that the project is nearing completion.

That’s good news for the citizens of Pittsburg.

But the first line of the story kind of struck a nerve with me:

A project designed to keep walkers and bike riders off the streets and out of neighbors’ yards is nearing completion.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but is that really the way people there see the path, as a way to segregate cyclists and pedestrians, to get them out of the way?

Attitudes like that are just another form of motorists yelling “Get the f*** off the road!”

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One response to “Put In Our Place?”

  1. Gene says:

    Next will come a city ordinance requiring bicyclists to use a bike path if one exists.