Say What? February 2013

Bicycle QuotesA roundup of some recent notable quotes from around the region and world … some cool, some quirky, and some what-the-heck:

“We need an army of advocates to demand more bicycle facilities and more safety.”
  ~Lakeshore Cyclery Owner Larry Godfredson [link]

“It’s hard to think of a good reason to send your newly-licensed child out into the world in a rolling, angry metal death trap.”
  ~Teenager Rachel McGuire of Wellington, Kansas, discussing why she told her parents she prefers not to drive [link]

“All bicyclists should be required to have full-size “slow-moving vehicle” signs mounted to the back of their bicycles since they are slow-moving and are entitled to the full lane of the road.” Jan. 13 Opinion Line [link]

“We’d love to have bicycle lanes, but that might not have the same priority as moving utility lines.”
  ~Branson MO Alderman Rick Todd, on setting priorities for the city [link]

“Our trail system is a point of pride for our entire state.”
  ~Jennifer Bohac, Des Moines IA Traffic Engineer [link]

“Whereas heavy trucks and buses and automobiles break down the road infrastructure and result in a lot of added costs in terms of maintenance. When we build a pedestrian or bike facility they last for 100 years.”
  ~Jerry Dobrovolny, Director of Transportation, Vancouver, Canada [link]

“If women don’t feel safe, it means they aren’t being served equally.”
  ~A comment based on data which shows that female bicycle riders are less likely to travel on busy streets unless buffered bike lanes are provided. [link]

“The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it.”
  ~From research showing why active transportation, complete streets, and livable communities are so important. [link]

“I will honestly say that I do not believe in sharing the road.”
  ~Columnist Melissa Carter, on why she honestly believes she is above the law. [link]

“Safe auto parking is a part of business, so safe bike parking should be too.”
  ~On the importance of bicycle parking for businesses in Boulder, CO [link]

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