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Help Improve Bicycling On Kansas Byways

Kansas BywaysThe Kansas Department of Transportation and a consultant team led by CFS Engineers of Topeka and RDG Planning & Design of Omaha are developing a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the Kansas Byways System. This plan will include ideas for making each of the state’s eleven scenic and historic byways more friendly to people experiencing them on foot and by bicycle.

KDOT has posted a short survey that is being used to gather public input for the plan. The survey asks about bicycling on or along the byways, as well as what types of facilities and amenities you prefer.

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I’ve put together some very basic guides to bicycling the Kansas byways. Most of the existing roadways are at least moderately bicycle-friendly, but proper facilities (wide shoulders and/or trails), as well as signage and other amenities, would go a long way towards improving the experience for people riding bicycles or walking along the routes.

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3 responses to “Help Improve Bicycling On Kansas Byways”

  1. Dan Payne says:

    Thanks for the link to the survey. We rode the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway last year as part of BAK and it was absolutely gorgeous. For me it was by far the best part of the ride.

    It’s great that KDOT is asking for input and hopefully they get a huge response from the cycling community. Without your website I never would have known about the survey, so thanks again for posting it.

    Their next step needs to be to make sure they don’t destroy perfectly rideable roadways by installing chip-seal over a smooth asphalt shoulder, or cutting in continuous and deep rumble strips along shoulders.

  2. Jessica says:

    Your Survey doesn’t have an option of none on question 9/10 and it should!

  3. Randy:

    I just took this survey.

    I was not aware that the State has a master bike/ped planning initiative underway.

    How can we get the word out so that folks can take the survey?

    Thanks for all you do.