Black Hawk Trail

Black Hawk Trail

Black Hawk Trail is located at 110-Mile Park on the north side of Pomona Lake in east-central Kansas, about 45 miles south of Topeka, and about 25 miles west of Ottawa. This park is a free campground, open year-round, and offers 25 campsites. It also features the 1/2-mile Witch's Broom Nature Trail and the 1/4-mile Deer Creek Nature Trail, each of which pass through heavily-wooded areas.

Black Hawk Trail is 32 miles long and passes through a variety of wooded, riparian and grassland areas along the shoreline of Pomona Lake. The trail surface consists primarily of loose dirt and rock. The trail is not overly technical, but it does have a few tough climbs and descents, as well as a number of creek crossings. The trail is also used for hiking and horseback riding.

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Location: Vassar, KS

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Last Update: December 15th, 2013